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June/July 2020

June/July 2020

The Kitchen Table

Cover of the June July 2020 Kitchen Table issue of American Craft

The abrupt changes presented by the COVID-19 outbreak have forced us all to spend more time in our own homes and kitchens. As we’re encouraged to shelter in place, we’re in turn relearning how to make do with what we have at hand, tapping into craft’s core values of innovation and resourcefulness. For many, it’s a new normal.

This issue highlights the shared handwork in cooking and craft, looking at ingredients as materials and the kitchen table as a site for making, gathering, sharing, and learning. We share stories of meaningful kitchen and dining objects by renowned figures in the craft and culinary worlds, highlight the crafts of wildcrafting, pastry making, and fermentation, and explore how avant-garde wares can change how we experience food.

Although we likely cannot gather to dine at the same table right now, we hope these stories inspire you to see your kitchen as the arts studio that it is and to enter it with renewed passion, creativity, and gratitude.

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Feature Articles

California Classic

Heath Ceramics sets a table with traditional and contemporary West Coast color and style.

Thinking with your Hands

An interview with food writer Korsha Wilson on the craft of cooking and the unacknowledged innovators behind the food we eat today.

Why Craft Matters

It holds the stories of humanity – and connects us to who we are, where we come from, and each other. Story by Hrag Vartanian.

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