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Requesting Permissions

Requesting Permissions

If your proposed use of American Craft Council archival content does not meet the conditions for Fair Use you must request and obtain the express, prior permission of the American Craft Council. Please be advised that the American Craft Council is selective in granting such permission, and when we do grant permission we generally impose a fee. All fees collected by the American Craft Council are used to further the ACC’s educational programs and not-for-profit mission. For more information on licensing fees at the ACC Library & Archives, please see our terms of use.

Downloading the ACC Library’s digitized Materials available for commercial use is prohibited. Anyone wishing to use any Materials from the archives collections for commercial use or publication, or any purpose other than fair use as defined by law, must request and receive prior written permission from the librarian. 

All copies of the Materials must bear accurate identifying information, including, as applicable, author and source, proprietary collection information, credit lines, copyright and trademark notices, and the citations should include the URL

If you need assistance locating resources or have any questions regarding image use, please contact the librarian at [email protected].