Make Room Designer Spotlight: Ashley Schulzetenberg

Make Room Designer Spotlight: Ashley Schulzetenberg

American Craft Show in St. Paul

Published on Monday, March 20, 2017.
Ashley Schulzetenberg

Ashley Schulzetenberg

Courtesy of Ashley Schulzetenberg

What is the name of your design firm? Verynearfuture, a division of Very Inc.

What's your favorite design tip?
Take time to think. Whether it’s a wardrobe or interior, recognize your connection between the soul of a building and the silhouette of a jacket. Remember, new is not always better.

What decade did you select and why?
As a backlash to the loud '80s Memphis Pop and Miami Vice vibes, the '90s introduced warm neutrals and a new era of minimalism. I chose the '90s from a trend perspective, as the concepts of mindfulness, meditation, and balance prevalent in that decade are driving design movements and influencing the spaces we inhabit today.

What is your vision for the space?
My vision includes incorporating the current emphasis on sustainable and eco-friendly materials with the simple shapes, clean lines, and pared-back aesthetic of the '90s.

What attracted you to the craft objects you’re featuring in your vignette?
I chose textural ceramics and the exaggerated curves of wooden vases because the tactile finishes and natural palette of these objects add a curated warmth to my space's clean design.

What ACC show artists' pieces are you featuring? Winthrop Byers (left) and Gordon Browning (right)

Schulzetenberg collage