Make Room Designer Spotlight: Neal Kielar and Jon Mehus

Make Room Designer Spotlight: Neal Kielar and Jon Mehus

American Craft Show in St. Paul

Published on Monday, March 13, 2017.
Neal Kielar

Neal Kielar of MidModMen+friends

Courtesy of MidModMen+friends

What is the name of your design firm? MidModMen+friends

What decade did you select and why?
Mention design in the 1960s, and most people immediately – and perhaps exclusively – think of midcentury modern. It's a potent aesthetic, but not the only point of view that mattered. The 1960s was an explosive time for design in all quarters and continues to influence us today.

What is your vision for the space?
We want to capture the supple spirit of personal style in which an individual blends the things they need with the things they love to create a space that's uniquely theirs.

What's your favorite design tip?
Approach design as a process for indulging both your personal style and life priorities. That means showing off things you love alongside things you need.

What attracted you to the craft objects you’re featuring in your vignette?
Pushing the modern palette means selecting elements that can live outside a specific time or place. The objects we picked are ones that could be at home anywhere in the world.

What ACC show artists' pieces are you featuring? James Borden (left) and Mark Fischer (right)


MidModMen collage