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October/November 2019

October/November 2019

October/November 2019 cover


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Every two years, the American Craft Council recognizes the next generation of craft talent and scholarship with our Emerging Voices Awards. As we honor this year’s skilled group of changemakers and thought leaders, we have inevitably contemplated the future, the past, and change. Yet we’ve noticed, too, that the past is not as distant as it may seem and that many changes happening in the field today can be seen as continuations or reinterpretations of former movements more than radical new inventions.

It’s a theme that travels through many stories this issue.

Yinka Orafidiya of the Color Network, an online resource supporting clay artists of color, shares how the organization’s name is borrowed from a collective that was doing the same work 30 years ago. Their story is much like that of chef Sean Sherman, an educator on Indigenous cuisine, who writes for us about a tool passed down to him from his great-grandfather. “It is not only a personal connection to the past,” he says, “but a key to the future.” Similarly, the 50th anniversary of “Objects: USA,” a game-changing exhibition that shifted how handwork is seen and appreciated, is celebrated in two new shows that honor its continued impact on the field.

Every day is new and different. The world is not the same as it was when “Objects: USA” debuted. But even if the language and tools we use now are distinct from those of the past, they’re often inspired by what came before.

Feature Articles

Emerging Voices: Announcing the 2019 Awards

The American Craft Council’s biennial Emerging Voices Awards honor the talents of remarkable young makers and thought leaders who are shaping the future of craft.

Object Stories

Handmade objects – and the stories they carry and inspire – are catalysts for a deeper engagement with the world and ourselves.

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Warren MacKenzie, who died last New Year’s Eve at the age of 94, was revered for the beautiful, functional ceramics he created.
Jonathans Simon wild cherry utensils

Jonathan’s Spoons

Jonathan Simons has carved out a successful niche for himself as a maker of fine wooden spoons.
Objects: USA exhibition

Objects: USA

The 50th anniversary of a monumental show sparks two new exhibitions that celebrate the past and look toward the future.
Esherick house kitchen

Opposites Attract

The straight lines of Louis Kahn’s modernist architecture meet Wharton Esherick’s sculpted wood forms in a famous Philadelphia home.
Color Network website

Passing the Baton

With the Color Network, a new generation adopts a decades-old mission to connect and support ceramic artists of color.
William Harper

Studio Synthesis

William Harper’s eclectic body of work transcends genres as fluidly as it blends materials and ideas.