October/November 2015

October/November 2015

American Craft magazine October/November 2015 issue cover

Feature Articles

Grand Scale

Joyce Lovelace checks in with North Carolina sculptor Hoss Haley.

Pincus' 12-Step Process

More on Peter Pincus' detailed process...


Peter Pincus' crazy-colorful ceramic forms require an arsenal of techniques, precision, and patience.

Sum & Substance: Cynthia Toops

Cynthia Toops’ process is meticulous and laborious. 

Sum & Substance: Stacey Lee Webber

Stacey Lee Webber uses coins in surprising ways

Sum & Substance: Hilary Sanders

Hilary Sanders loves the feel of graphite...

Sum & Substance: Vincent Pontillo-Verrastro

Vincent Pontillo-Verrastro combines familiar materials, such as wood and fur, with a plastic used in 3D printing. 

Sum & Substance: Teresa Faris

Teresa Faris has an unusual partner in her jewelry practice: a cockatoo.

Sum & Substance: Kat Cole

Kat Cole restructures discarded tins into a variety of wearable art.

Sum & Substance: Anna Johnson

Anna Johnson hopes her work serves “as a reminder of the kinship we share with all life forms.”

Sum & Substance: Sayumi Yokouchi

Collect everyday materials, and you’ll see texture...

Sum & Substance: Melanie Bilenker

Melanie Bilenker fashions moments into art...

Sum & Substance: Nancy Worden

Nancy worden draws on history and mythology to tell modern stories.

Sum & Substance: Steven Gordon Holman

Steven Gordon Holman's touchstone is the American West...

Sum & Substance: Tony Esola

Tony Esola, the lowly iron conjures more...

Sum & Substance: Caroline Gore

In her open-ended practice, Caroline Gore makes a striking range of work...

Sum & Substance: Yuka Saito

For Yuka Saito, making is a relationship – with her materials.

Sum & Substance: Jenny Wu

Jenny Wu translates geometries into wearable statements using 3D printing...

Sum & Substance

A remarkable array of materials animates the work of 15 exceptional artists.

More from This Issue

Sam Mitchell Blossom Necklace


Sam Mitchell's seriously squiggly jewelry...

Tim McCreight Spoon

Back to the Future

Tim McCreight on metal clay and why jewelers have been so slow to embrace it...

Alain Mailland Archipel

Call to Order

Seven artists explore the magic of combining multiple parts into a whole...

Roberta And David Williamson Portrait

Common Ground

Roberta and David Williamson combine found and crafted objects into striking compositions.

Contemporary Jewelry Design Thoughts On Inspiration And Expression Cover

Every Angle

A review of Shows and Tales: On Jewelry Exhibition-Making and two other books...