Web Extras: October/November 2015

Web Extras: October/November 2015

Published on Sunday, September 13, 2015. This article appears in the October/November 2015 issue of American Craft Magazine.
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Maurice Abramson

Jeweler Maurice Abramson; Photo: SNAG Slide Archive

As seen in the October/November 2015 issue of American Craft magazine...

Crossing the Line 
At what point does a hobbyist become a serious artist? In addition to our in-depth discussion with art historian Cynthia Fowler, we asked others in the craft field for their views on the blurry line between amateur and professional. Find their responses.

How Does He Do It?
Peter Pincus’ process (say that three times fast) is remarkable. To complement the feature “Multifaceted,” a bonus piece has a closer look at how the artist achieves his colorful, graphic pieces, as well as a slideshow of additional photos from photographer Matt Wittmeyer’s visit to his studio.

Susan Cummins, Extended Cut
In this issue, you’ll find Deborah Bishop’s interview with Susan Cummins, who founded Art Jewelry Forum and serves as the organization’s board chair. Their wideranging conversation couldn’t be contained in the magazine, so you can read an extended version of the interview here.

Bonus Jewelry Slideshow 
There’s lots of jewelry to look at in these pages, but there’s still more to see. We’ve highlighted 15 jewelers in our feature; visit their profiles to see even more images of their surprising work.

A New Jewelry Resource
This fall look for a new digital resource for the craft world. In conjunction with the Metal Museum and the Society of North American Goldsmiths, the American Craft Council is adding more than 16,000 slides from 300-plus metalsmiths to a new digital collection hosted online by the ACC Library. The images are from the SNAG archive, which was donated to the Metal Museum in 2004; they will be available for viewing and research. 

Video: The Jeweler’s Journey
In a new video, see the striking work of jeweler Bongsang Cho, and learn how he navigated his move from South Korea to the United States, developed his craft, and established himself as an up-and-coming professional.

Video: Metal Clay 
While editor in chief Monica Moses got the scoop on metal clay from metalsmith Tim McCreight, digital producer Andrew Ranallo visited the Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center in Minneapolis to see how the material actually works. Watch jeweler Laura Juul start with a lump of clay and end with a piece of fine metal jewelry.

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