What We Do

What We Do

Craft is needed now more than ever. We're here to help it thrive.
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Whether we're amplifying artists' stories, investing in creative economies, honoring innovators in the field, or engaging our community in discussion, our efforts need your support. Learn how you can contribute.


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Share stories and amplify voices through American Craft magazine and other online content.

Create marketplace events that support artists and connect people to craft.

Vendor and shopper at 2020 Baltimore American Craft Show smiling while engaged in a sale
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Celebrate craft’s legacy through longstanding awards and a unique research library.

Create space for dialogue and action—because craft can bring us together as people.

Portrait of Indira Allegra from Spring 2021 American Craft Forum
Portrait of Beth Mclaughlin from Spring 2021 American Craft Forum
Portrait of Gregg Moore from Fall 2021 American Craft Forum
Portrait of Namita Gupta Wiggers from Summer 2021 American Craft Forum
Portrait of Omar Tate from Fall 2021 American Craft Forum
Portrait of Anjula Razdan from Fall 2021 American Craft Forum
Portrait of Aram Han Sifuentes from Winter 2022 American Craft Forum
Portrait of Jonathan Michael Square
Portrait of Greg Lauren
Portrait of Stella Mae Pettway

Mission Statement

The American Craft Council is a national nonprofit organization that connects and galvanizes diverse craft communities and traditions to advance craft’s impact in contemporary American life and to keep craft artists and the community connected, inspired, and thriving.

Inclusion and Equity Statement

ACC is committed to justice, inclusiveness, and equity. Drawing on craft’s rich legacy of openness and its deep roots in all cultures, the Council will work to create opportunities for creative people from all walks of life. Read more.

Building on a Vision

ACC founder, Aileen Osborn Webb, recognized the significant impact craft has on individuals and communities and established a nonprofit to preserve, cultivate, and celebrate this communal heritage. 80 years later, our efforts span the nation.

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Our Work in Action

2021 Year in Review | 2020 Annual Report | 2019 Annual Report | 2018 Annual Report | 2017–2021 Strategic Plan

We Couldn’t Do This Without You

Your support is crucial in our effort to build a vibrant future for craft. Learn how you can contribute to our nonprofit programs.

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COVER GRAPHIC: Participants in the People's Pottery Project (left) and homewares for sale through the program (right). Featured in the Summer 2021 issue of American Craft, this Los Angeles–based community-oriented ceramics studio offers pottery classes to formerly incarcerated people who are paid for their participation. Photos courtesy of the People’s Pottery Project.