• collage of overlapping round mirrors of different sizes with ornate mosaic frames

    Market: On the Wall

    Peering into the handmade mirrors of these four artists is a celebration of craft—and of self, too.
  • Glass artist posing on ladder while installing work in windowed gallery space in new york city

    Maker: Andy Paiko

    Glass artist Andy Paiko has an alchemist’s knack for transforming glass into uncanny objects: a hammer, a spinning wheel, a scale.
  • ceramic sculpture made with cemetery soil and human hair

    Body Land Memory

    Adebunmi Gbadebo’s artworks incorporate materials such as hair, soil, old documents, and water to address longstanding cultural erasure.
  • Glass blower works on a vessel in studio with christmas tree in the background

    Blown Away: Christmas

    A new half-season of the Netflix glass-blowing series brings a dose of spirited competition to the holidays.
  • Array of covers of American Craft and Craft Horizons from the past 80 years

    American Craft at 80

    This year American Craft celebrates its 80th anniversary. In the world of publishing, this is a remarkable achievement. We invite you to join us as we pause and reflect, revisit the past and look to the future.
  • Black and white photograph of the ornate decorative crest of a wrought iron gate silhouetted against a cloudy sky


    A thought-provoking 1943 essay by Anni Albers reproduced from an early issue of Craft Horizons.
  • A shed-like artist studio with tall humanoid wooden sculptures


    An artist steps into the studio of sculptor Randy Takaki and comes away changed.