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American Craft Inquiry: Volume 1, Issue 1

American Craft Inquiry: Volume 1, Issue 1

Present Tense

Welcome to the first issue of American Craft Inquiry, a new biannual journal published by the American Craft Council. Browse the digital version below and the full table of contents. Articles will be linked as they become available. Are you ready for a new voice? Purchase issues for more.


Digital Edition

Table of Contents

Letter from Executive Director
Chris Amundsen

Editor's Letter
Michael Radyk

Required Reading 

Essays, Articles, Exhibition Reviews

Opt In: The Power of Craft Thinking
Sarah Archer

A Growing Organism
Jessica Shaykett

Civic Crafts and Plug-In Whittling
Otto von Busch

Open-Source Activism
Sarah Archer

Four Layers, Six Spaces
Garth Johnson 

Condensations: from Present Tense conference

A Legacy: Hair, Language, and Textiles 
Sonya Clark 

Art, Craft, and Design Education
Miguel Gómez-Ibáñez

A Peek Behind the Director’s Curtain
Bruce Pepich

Daring to Dive Deeply: A Conversation about Craft Writing and Criticism
Lydia Matthews

Before the Object
Ayumi Horie 

Collective Journey
Michael Strand, Tanya Aguiñiga, Nicholas Galanin

Sense of the Meeting
Stuart Kestenbaum

Visual Quotes
Amos Paul Kennedy 

Reflections from Scholarship Recipients

Stitched Stories
Mariah Gruner

A Rich Ecosystem
Sarah Parrish

Personal Reflection
Dominique Ellis

Impact and Practice
Bukola Koiki

Who, What Where, and When
Kelcy Chase Folsom