Video: Amos Paul Kennedy Jr.

Video: Amos Paul Kennedy Jr.

Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. prints

A set of four limited-edition prints created by Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. with quotes from the 2016 ACC conference.

Courtesy of the artist

We first introduced you to Detroit-based letterpress artist Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. in "Words to Live By," from the December/January 2012 issue of American Craft magazine.

Since then, we were fortunate to have him as a panelist on process at "Present Tense," ACC's 2016 national conference. Following the conference, he created four limited-edition prints with quotes from the event. We also featured him in our new journal, American Craft Inquiry, available now.

Kennedy was recently in Minneapolis for a month-long residency in July at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. We had the chance to stop by and talk with him about how he came to make his signature prints, inclusivity in the arts, and more.