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Gold Medal for Consummate Craftsmanship

Gold Medal for Consummate Craftsmanship

Every two years, one or more Fellows are recognized as Gold Medalists, an award for a lifetime of achievement. It is the highest award given by the Council. Gold Medal awardees represent the extraordinary among a field of elite craftspeople. The significance cannot be overstated, and the value of material related to the individuals has proportional importance to the preservation and scholarship of American craft. Awardees are nominated by the College of Fellows and selected by the ACC Awards Committee.

Introducing Our 2024 Gold Medalists

Portrait of Nick Cave

Nick Cave

Mixed Media Artist & Educator | Chicago, IL | View Bio/Work.

Photo of Wendy Maruyama

Wendy Maruyama

Furniture Artist & Educator | San Diego, CA | View Bio/Work.

Portrait of Anne Wilson

Anne Wilson

Visual Artist & Educator | Evanston, IL | View Bio/Work.

All ACC Gold Medalists

2024  Nick Cave
2024  Wendy Maruyama
2024  Anne Wilson
2022  Jim Bassler
2022  Lia Cook
2022  Richard Marquis
2022  Judy Kensley McKie
2022  John McQueen
2022  Patti Warashina
2020  Joyce J. Scott
2018  Jun Kaneko
2016  Gerhardt Knodel
2014  Betty Woodman
2012  Stephen De Staebler
2010  Albert Paley
2009  Katherine Westphal
2008  Paul Soldner
2006  Dale Chihuly
2005  Fred Fenster
2003  William Daley
2002  Kay Sekimachi
2002  Don Reitz
2001  Otto and Gertrude Natzler
2001  Arline Fisch
2000  Cynthia Schira
2000  L. Brent Kington
1999  Dominic L. Di Mare
1999  Rudy Autio
1998  Warren MacKenzie
1998  Karen Karnes
1998  Kenneth Ferguson
1997  Sheila Hicks
1997  Ruth Duckworth
1997  Wendell Castle
1996  June Schwarcz
1996  Ronald Hayes Pearson
1996  Jack Lenor Larsen
1995  Bob Stocksdale
1995  Rudolf Staffel
1994  Toshiko Takaezu
1994  John Paul Miller
1993  Robert C. Turner
1993  Marianne Strengell
1993  Douglass Morse Howell
1993  Alma Eikerman
1992  Beatrice Wood
1992  John Prip
1990  Ed Rossbach
1988  Sam Maloof
1987  Lenore Tawney
1986  Gerry Williams 
1986  Peter Voulkos
1986  Margret Craver
1985  Lucy M. Lewis
1983  Harvey Littleton
1981  Anni Albers
1970  Dorothy Liebes

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