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College of Fellows

College of Fellows

Since 1975, the American Craft Council has recognized people who have made an outstanding contribution to the crafts in America by awarding the distinction of Fellow of the Council. The body of awardees is known collectively as the College of Fellows. ACC names new fellows every other year.

To be nominated, an artist must demonstrate leadership in the field, outstanding ability as an artist, and 25 years or more of professional achievement as an American craftsperson. Awardees are nominated by the active College of Fellows and a small group of guest nominators. The final selection of the cohort is made by the ACC Awards sub-committee, whose members include only current Fellows—making this distinction even more meaningful because it is not awarded by critics, scholars, or collectors, but by one’s peers.

In addition to artists, individuals who have made their own significant contribution to the craft movement are nominated and elected as Honorary Fellows, their designation including all the distinction and recognition of the College. The significance of the College of Fellows to the field cannot be overstated, and the value of material related to the individuals has proportional importance to the preservation and scholarship of American craft.

Introducing Our 2024 Fellows

Syd Carpenter

syd carpenter

Ceramic & Mixed Media Artist | Philadelphia, PA | View Bio/Work.

Michael Cummings

Michael a. cummings

Fiber & Mixed Media Artist | New York City, NY | View Work/Bio.

Einar and Jamex De La Torre

Einar and Jamex De La Torre

Mixed Media & Glass Artists | San Diego, CA | View Work/Bio.

Yuri Kobayashi

Yuri Kobayashi

Furniture Artist | Camden, ME | View Bio/Work.

Mark Newport


Textile & Mixed Media Artist | Hamtramck, MI | View Bio/Work.

Michael Puryear


Furniture Artist | Shokan, NY | View Bio/Work.

Diego Romero portrait


Ceramic Artist | Santa Fe, NM | View Bio/Work.

Lynda Watson


Jewelry & Metal Artist | Santa Cruz, CA | View Bio/Work.

2024 Honorary Fellows

Diana Baird N’Diaye, Ph.D.

Diana Baird N’Diaye

Interdisciplinary Visual Artist, Curator & Scholar | Cheverly, MD | View Bio/Work.

Cindi Strauss

Cindi strauss

Curator & Scholar | Houston, TX | View Bio/Work.

The Entire College of Fellows

We are currently working on building an online collection of artist profiles for each of the Fellows. View the work in progress.

2024  Syd Carpenter, Fellow
2024  Michael A. Cummings, Fellow
2024  Einar + Jamex de la Torre, Fellow
2024  Yuri Kobayashi, Fellow
2024  Mark Newport, Fellow
2024  Michael Puryear, Fellow
2024  Diego Romero, Fellow
2024  Lynda Watson, Fellow
2024  Diana Baird N'Diaye, Ph.D., Honorary Fellow
2024  Cindi Strauss, Honorary Fellow
2022  Teri Greeves, Fellow
2022  Karen Hampton, Fellow
2022  Nancy Koenigsberg, Fellow
2022  Keith Lewis, Fellow
2022  Kristina Madsen, Fellow
2022  Mark Pharis, Fellow
2022  Preston Singletary, Fellow
2022  Tip Toland, Fellow
2022  Carolyn Mazloomi, Honorary Fellow
2022  Howard Risatti, Honorary Fellow
2022  Lowery Stokes Sims, Honoray Fellow
2020  Sonya Clark, Fellow
2020  Lisa Gralnick, Fellow
2020  Katherine Gray, Fellow
2020  Annabeth Rosen, Fellow
2020  Bob Trotman, Fellow
2020  Patricia Malarcher, Honorary Fellow
2018  Mark Burns, Fellow
2018  Thomas Gentille, Fellow
2018  Thomas Hucker, Fellow
2018  Mary Jackson, Fellow
2018  Beth Lipman, Fellow
2018  Consuelo Jimenez Underwood, Fellow
2018  Susan Cummins, Honorary Fellow
2018  Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada, Honorary Fellow
2016  Nick Cave, Fellow
2016  Michael Cooper, Fellow
2016  Françoise Grossen, Fellow
2016  Chris Gustin, Fellow
2016  Myra Mimlitsch-Gray, Fellow
2016  Hank Murta Adams, Fellow
2016  Edward S. Cooke, Jr., Honorary Fellow
2014  Tina Oldknow, Honorary Fellow
2014  Judith Schaechter, Fellow
2014  Bruce Metcalf, Fellow
2014  Jane Lackey, Fellow
2014  Michael Hurwitz, Fellow
2014  John Gill, Fellow
2014  William Carlson, Fellow
2012  Bruce Pepich, Honorary Fellow
2012  Thomas Loeser, Fellow
2012  Sherri Smith, Fellow
2012  Sharon Church, Fellow
2012  Lewis Knauss, Fellow
2012  Dante Marioni, Fellow
2012  Anne Currier, Fellow
2012  Andrea Gill, Fellow
2010  Janet Koplos, Honorary Fellow
2010  William Hunter, Fellow
2010  Susanne Stephenson, Fellow
2010  Ron Ho, Fellow
2010  Rebecca Medel, Fellow
2010  John Stephenson, Fellow
2010  John Garrett, Fellow
2010  Ginny Ruffner, Fellow
2009  Robert Pfannebecker, Honorary Fellow
2009  Rosanne Somerson, Fellow
2009  Louis Marak, Fellow
2009  Jamie Bennett, Fellow
2009  Carol Shaw-Sutton, Fellow
2009  Bernard Bernstein, Fellow
2009  Benjamin Moore, Fellow
2008  Lois Moran, Honorary Fellow
2008  Wendy Maruyama, Fellow
2008  Toots Zynsky, Fellow
2008  Tony Hepburn, Fellow
2008  Gyöngy Laky, Fellow
2008  Glenda Arentzen, Fellow
2008  Adela Akers, Fellow
2007  Nanette Laitman, Honorary Fellow
2007  William Morris, Fellow
2007  Robert Brady, Fellow
2007  Richard Notkin, Fellow
2007  Mark Lindquist, Fellow
2007  Marilyn da Silva, Fellow
2007  Arturo Sandoval, Fellow
2006  Stuart Kestenbaum, Honorary Fellow
2006  Walter Hamady, Fellow
2006  Kiff Slemmons, Fellow
2006  Jason Pollen, Fellow
2006  Howard Ben-Tré, Fellow
2006  Akio Takamori, Fellow
2005  Martha Longenecker, Honorary Fellow
2005  Patricia Hickman, Fellow
2005  Linda Threadgill, Fellow
2005  Joey Kirkpatrick, Fellow
2005  Gary Griffin, Fellow
2005  Flora Mace, Fellow
2005  Alphonse Mattia, Fellow
2003  Albert LeCoff, Honorary Fellow
2003  Tom Joyce, Fellow
2003  Norma Minkowitz, Fellow
2003  Kurt Weiser, Fellow
2003  James Tanner, Fellow
2003  Ana Lisa Hedstrom, Fellow
2002  Garth Clark, Honorary Fellow
2002  Robert Winokur, Fellow
2002  Paula Winokur, Fellow
2002  John Cederquist, Fellow
2002  Jane Sauer, Fellow
2002  Harlan Butt, Fellow
2001  Alice Rooney, Honorary Fellow
2001  Warren Seelig, Fellow
2001  Thomas Patti, Fellow
2001  Norman Schulman, Fellow
2001  Michael James, Fellow
2001  John Glick, Fellow
2001  Joan Livingstone, Fellow
2001  Gary Noffke, Fellow
2001  David Ellsworth, Fellow
2000  Theodore Cohen, Honorary Fellow
2000  Christa C. Mayer Thurman, Honorary Fellow
2000  Paul Stankard, Fellow
2000  Marjorie Schick, Fellow
2000  Joyce Scott, Fellow
2000  James Krenov, Fellow
2000  Hiroko Sato-Pijanowski, Fellow
2000  Eugene Pijanowski, Fellow
2000  Cynthia Bringle, Fellow
2000  Anne Wilson, Fellow
2000  Adrian Saxe, Fellow
1999  Fred Marer, Honorary Fellow
1999  Therman Statom, Fellow
1999  Ralph Baccera, Fellow
1999  Paul Marioni, Fellow
1999  Nancy Crow, Fellow
1999  Irena Brynner, Fellow
1999  Helen Shirk, Fellow
1999  Dorothy Barnes, Fellow
1998  Paulus Berensohn, Honorary Fellow
1998  William Harper, Fellow
1998  Richard Shaw, Fellow
1998  Richard Mawdsley, Fellow
1998  Judy McKie, Fellow
1998  James Bassler, Fellow
1998  Eleanor Moty, Fellow
1998  Edwin Scheier, Fellow
1998  Dan Dailey, Fellow
1997  Sandra Blain, Honorary Fellow
1997  William Keyser, Fellow
1997  Tommy Simpson, Fellow
1997  Ron Nagle, Fellow
1997  Robert Winston, Fellow
1997  Lia Cook, Fellow
1997  Ka Kwong Hui, Fellow
1997  Jack Earl, Fellow
1997  Chunghi Choo, Fellow
1996  Virginia Harvey, Honorary Fellow
1996  Jean Griffith, Honorary Fellow
1996  Mary Lee Hu, Fellow
1996  Mark Levine, Fellow
1996  Kenneth Bates, Fellow
1996  Jun Kaneko, Fellow
1996  Helena Hernmarck, Fellow
1996  Garry Knox Bennett, Fellow
1996  Claude Horan, Fellow
1996  Betty Cooke, Fellow
1995  Michael Monroe, Honorary Fellow
1995  Wayne Higby, Fellow
1995  Richard Marquis, Fellow
1995  Karl Drerup, Fellow
1995  J. Fred Woell, Fellow
1995  Fred Fenster, Fellow
1995  Ferne Jacobs, Fellow
1995  Charles Counts, Fellow
1994  Lee Nordness, Honorary Fellow
1994  Viola Frey, Fellow
1994  Stephen de Staebler, Fellow
1994  Rude Osolnik, Fellow
1994  Robert Ebendorf, Fellow
1994  Patti Warashina, Fellow
1994  Merry Renk, Fellow
1994  John McQueen, Fellow
1994  Henry Halem, Fellow
1994  Albert Paley, Fellow
1993  Robert G. Hart, Honorary Fellow
1993  Oppi Untracht, Honorary Fellow
1993  Margarete Seeler, Fellow
1993  Ken Price, Fellow
1993  John Marshall, Fellow
1993  Jere Osgood, Fellow
1993  Gerhardt Knodel, Fellow
1993  Betty Woodman, Fellow
1992  Ruth DeYoung Kohler, Honorary Fellow
1992  Mildred Constantine, Honorary Fellow
1992  Helen Drutt English, Honorary Fellow
1992  Walker Weed, Fellow
1992  Stanley Lechtzin, Fellow
1992  Robert Arneson, Fellow
1992  Marvin Lipofsky, Fellow
1992  Kurt Matzdorf, Fellow
1992  Karl Martz, Fellow
1992  Joyce Anderson, Fellow
1992  James "Mel" Someroski, Fellow
1992  Edgar Anderson, Fellow
1992  David Shaner, Fellow
1992  Cynthia Schira, Fellow
1990  R. Leigh Glover, Honorary Fellow
1990  Blanche Reeves, Honorary Fellow
1990  Vivika Heino, Fellow
1990  Viktor Schreckengost, Fellow
1990  Otto Natzler, Fellow
1990  Otto Heino, Fellow
1990  Michael Higgins, Fellow
1990  Margaret Tafoya, Fellow
1990  Lillian Elliott, Fellow
1990  Gertrud Natzler, Fellow
1990  Francis Whitaker, Fellow
1990  Frances Higgins, Fellow
1990  Edris Eckhardt, Fellow
1988  Rudy Turk, Honorary Fellow
1988  Paul J. Smith, Honorary Fellow
1988  Marion Stroud Swingle, Honorary Fellow
1988  Lloyd Herman, Honorary Fellow
1988  James Melchert, Honorary Fellow
1988  C. Malcolm Watkins, Honorary Fellow
1988  William Daley, Fellow
1988  Walter G. Nottingham, Fellow
1988  Ted Hallman, Fellow
1988  Polly Lada-Mocarski, Fellow
1988  Phillip Fike, Fellow
1988  Paul Soldner, Fellow
1988  Nan McKinnell, Fellow
1988  Mary Scheier, Fellow
1988  Mark Peiser, Fellow
1988  James McKinnell, Fellow
1988  Harrison McIntosh, Fellow
1988  Glen Kaufman, Fellow
1988  Fritz Dreisbach, Fellow
1988  Frances Senska, Fellow
1988  C. Carl Jennings, Fellow
1988  Arthur Carpenter, Fellow
1988  Albert Green, Fellow
1987  LaMar Harrington, Honorary Fellow
1987  Jonathan Fairbanks, Honorary Fellow
1987  James Wallace, Honorary Fellow
1987  Carlyle Smith, Honorary Fellow
1987  Val Cushing, Fellow
1987  Robert Sperry, Fellow
1987  Richard DeVore, Fellow
1987  June Schwarcz, Fellow
1987  Heikki Seppä, Fellow
1987  Edward Moulthrop, Fellow
1987  Dominic Di Mare, Fellow
1987  Claire Zeisler, Fellow
1987  Beatrice Wood, Fellow
1986  Wendell Castle, Fellow
1986  Kenneth Ferguson, Fellow
1986  Dale Chihuly, Fellow
1985  Sydney Butchkes, Honorary Fellow
1985  Harold Brennan, Honorary Fellow
1985  Ted Randall, Fellow
1985  Richard Thomas, Fellow
1985  Maurice Heaton, Fellow
1985  Marianne Strengell, Fellow
1985  Kay Sekimachi, Fellow
1985  John Mason, Fellow
1983  Susan Peterson, Honorary Fellow
1983  Marian Heard, Honorary Fellow
1983  Sheila Hicks, Fellow
1983  Ruth Duckworth, Fellow
1983  Mary Ann Scherr, Fellow
1983  F. Carlton Ball, Fellow
1983  Douglass Morse Howell, Fellow
1980  Robert W. Gray, Honorary Fellow
1980  Eudorah Moore, Honorary Fellow
1980  Warren MacKenzie, Fellow
1980  Tage Frid, Fellow
1980  Mary Nyburg, Fellow
1980  Margret Craver, Fellow
1980  Joel Myers, Fellow
1980  Bernard Kester, Fellow
1979  William Brown, Honorary Fellow
1979  Rose Slivka, Honorary Fellow
1979  Margery Anneburg, Honorary Fellow
1979  Joan Mondale, Honorary Fellow
1979  Katherine Westphal, Fellow
1979  Hans Christensen, Fellow
1979  Gerry Williams, Fellow
1979  George Nakashima, Fellow
1979  Arline Fisch, Fellow
1978  Eugenia Campbell Nowlin, Honorary Fellow
1978  Rudy Autio, Fellow
1978  Rudolf Staffel, Fellow
1978  Mary W. Phillips, Fellow
1978  L. Brent Kington, Fellow
1978  Jack Lenor Larsen, Fellow
1978  Frederick Miller, Fellow
1978  Dominick Labino, Fellow
1978  Bob Stocksdale, Fellow
1978  Alma Eikerman, Fellow
1977  Aileen Osborn Webb, Honorary Fellow
1977  Robert C. Turner, Fellow
1977  Ramona Solberg, Fellow
1977  Mary Caroline Richards, Fellow
1977  John Prip, Fellow
1977  Donald Reitz, Fellow
1977  Daniel Rhodes, Fellow
1977  Alice Parrott, Fellow
1976  Lloyd Kiva New, Honorary Fellow
1976  Anna Wetheril Olmsted, Honorary Fellow
1976  Ruth Penington, Fellow
1976  Ronald Hayes Pearson, Fellow
1976  Laura Andreson, Fellow
1976  Karen Karnes, Fellow
1976  John Paul Miller, Fellow
1976  Else Regensteiner, Fellow
1976  Charles Loloma, Fellow
1975  Rudolph Schaeffer, Honorary Fellow
1975  Maurine Roberts, Honorary Fellow
1975  Mary Lyon, Honorary Fellow
1975  Margaret Patch, Honorary Fellow
1975  Francis Merritt, Honorary Fellow
1975  Florence Eastmead, Honorary Fellow
1975  Trude Guermonprez, Fellow
1975  Toshiko Takaezu, Fellow
1975  Sam Maloof, Fellow
1975  Peter Voulkos, Fellow
1975  Lili Blumenau, Fellow
1975  Lenore Tawney, Fellow
1975  Harvey Littleton, Fellow
1975  Frans Wildenhain, Fellow
1975  Ed Rossbach, Fellow
1975  Dorothy Meredith, Fellow
1975  Adda Husted-Andersen, Fellow

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