Make Room Designer Spotlight: Nicole Ingram

Make Room Designer Spotlight: Nicole Ingram

American Craft Show in Baltimore, 2017

Published on Monday, January 23, 2017.
Nicole Ingram

Nicole Ingram

What's the name of your design firm? Stacy Nicole, Inc.

What decade did you select and why?
The '80s marked the introduction of rap to main street media. Growing up, I remember seeing Heavy D, Run DMC, LLCool J and the Fat Boyz at the corner pizzeria on Linden Boulevard in Queens. Then there was the introduction of female rappers and groups like Queen Latifah, Mc Lyte, and Salt and Pepper. In that decade, the clothes were rich in color and varied in style. It was during this time frame when I also first fell in love with interior design. The '80s were when I realized that in the way music was a reflection of one’s soul, a home or space should be that same reflection.

What is your vision for the space?
My vision for the space is one full of color, style, function, and self expression.

What attracted you to the craft objects you’re featuring in your vignette?
I was attracted to their bold colors and unique forms.

What's your favorite design tip?
Your space should reflect you, and quality always beats quantity.

What ACC show artists' pieces are you featuring? Mea Rhee, Tom Stoenner

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