Make Room Designer Spotlight: Mimi Lee

Make Room Designer Spotlight: Mimi Lee

American Craft Show in Baltimore, 2017

Published on Monday, February 6, 2017.
Mimi Lee

Mimi Lee

What's the name of your design firm? Oh So Chic Interiors

What decade did you select and why?
Industrial design has taken the 2010s by storm, which is the main reason why I selected this decade. There is a beauty in celebrating raw materials. To me, it is a reflection of appreciating the imperfections within ourselves, which is why this design style is so impactful.

What is your vision for the space?
I want to show the humbleness of rugged elements like pipes and unfinished wood. These types of finishes are exposed for what they truly are, and yet comfortable in their own skins. I want this space to evoke a sense of relief, so people will let down their guards and be themselves.

What attracted you to the craft objects you’re featuring in your vignette?
Scott Nelles: Because of its warehouse look, it is the perfect addition to my industrial vignette. The metal surface is reminiscent of raw building materials. William Peirce: The earthy tones and wood characteristics are what I gravitated toward in this piece. It is the perfect complement to metal, which will also be featured in my vignette.

What's your favorite design tip?
Select pieces that are limited in design and color first, and choose items with a myriad of options, like paint, last.

What ACC show artists' pieces are you featuring? Clockwise from top left: Barbara Prodaniuk, Scott Nelles, William Peirce

ACC show artists' work