October/November 2013

October/November 2013

American Craft October/November 2013 Issue

Featured Articles

Hoyeon Chung and Jiyong Lee Portrait

Night and Day

The differences between Jiyong Lee and Hoyeon Chung are many, but their common bonds are even more powerful.

Elsa Mora, Cut-Paper Illustrations

Art Is Her Way

A multifaceted maker, Elsa Mora sees creativity as a guide to navigate all that life brings.

Ford/Forlano, Big Bead necklace (043)


Young in their careers or established veterans, these jewelry makers shine.


Thomas Gentille, Pin

Brilliance: Thomas Gentille

Thomas Gentille's jewelry blends a painter's eye for color and texture with an architectural sense of structure.

In This Issue

Art Smith, Necklace

Modernism in Motion

Modernist jeweler Art Smith's sinuous necklace is a treasure of the Daphne Farago Collection.

Edward & Patricia Faber

America and Beyond

Aaron Faber Gallery's commitment to highly wearable art jewelry has never wavered.

Larry Pennington, Teapot


Lush scenery and welcoming communities are magnets for artists in Arkansas.

Atelier Ted Noten, Chew Your Own Brooch

Assume Nothing

Damian Skinner discusses contemporary jewelry and the Art Jewelry Forum's first book, which he edited.

Katya Usvitsky, Polymorph, Polymorph, and RIng

Bubble Wrap

Katya Usvitsky turns pantyhose into bubbly sculptures that evoke eggs and cells.

Nervous System, Radiolaria Table 1

Code Craft

Nervous System specializes in what they call "mass customization," allowing customers to create their own products.

Albert Paley, Double Fibula Brooch

Mobile and Movable

For Helen Drutt, jewelry is as much an educational tool as an element of style.


Lisa Nilsson, Anatomical Cross-Section

Parts & Appendages

When you take pieces and parts of the human form and rearrange or reattach them, things start to get a little weird.

Metalsmiths Earl Krentzin, Ronald Hayes Pearson, Phillip Fike, Olaf Skoogfors, and Stanley Lechtzin

Still Current

Fifty years ago, Stanley Lechtzin jump-started electroforming in the name of craft.

Jenny Mendes, Ceramic Vases

The Inside Story

The intricately patterned ceramic works of Jenny Mendes come straight from her inner world.