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Brilliance: Biba Schutz

Brilliance: Biba Schutz

Brilliance: Biba Schutz

October/November 2013 issue of American Craft magazine
Author Staff
Mediums Jewelry
Biba Schutz, Nesting Necklace

Biba Schutz, Nesting Necklace, 2012, sterling silver, 7 x 16 x 3.4 in. Photo: Ron Boszko

Biba Schutz is self-taught. Maybe that’s why, though she has done this work since 1986, her jewelry exudes personal engagement and continual evolution. “There is an immediacy to Biba Schutz’s work that comes through direct manipulation of material,” says Sharon Church. “As a result, her jewelry always feels fresh, like it was just made.”

What makes her work unique: “My jewelry is cumulative; one series leads to another. Layers of meaning are forged into the metal.”

Why she makes jewelry: “The body is a beautiful platform for communicating. I consider my jewelry objects that engage conversation and emotions. Of course, this is also my livelihood – thanks to all the wonderful galleries, retailers, and customers who support my vision.”

The rewards of making jewelry: “Having my ideas become tangible. Having repeat collectors; it is so complimentary for someone to continually buy and commission new work. Supporting myself from my passion is priceless.”

What she is doing now: “Until three years ago, metals were my primary material. I am now building two new bodies of work, using minerals and blown glass as an addition to my vocabulary.”

What’s next: “Continuing to challenge the process, especially [with the inclusion of] glass; I have a solo show with this new body of work at Sienna Gallery in 2014.”

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