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June/July 2017

June/July 2017

Public Art

June/July 2017 American Craft magazine cover

Welcome to our issue on public art. Articles will become available online throughout June and July. To read the articles sooner than they're available online, become a member and enjoy a subscription to American Craft magazine as part of your ACC membership.

Feature Articles

Run, Jump, Explore

The MacAdams’ vibrant crocheted play structures spread joy – and encourage risk-taking.

Ephemeral Is Beautiful

Patrick Dougherty aims to amaze with his monumental stick sculptures.

Rare Form

The Rare Craft Fellowship Award, presented by the ACC in association with whiskymaker The Balvenie, recognizes artists in time-honored disciplines.

Game Theory

In Risa Puno’s interactive works, play’s the thing.

More from This Issue

Claire Kahn Paper Cuts

Change and Continuity

Claire Kahn’s Santa Fe oasis offers room to live, work, and contemplate in sublime surroundings.
Maria Molteni Basketball Net

Maria Molteni

Maria Molteni’s crocheted nets for naked basketball hoops.
Drew Leshko Ice Corner Grocery Store

Ode to the Corner Store

Sculptor Drew Leshko memorializes the casualties of gentrification – from ornate buildings to humble dumpsters – in his Philadelphia neighborhood.
Adrien Segal Camping

Plot Lines

Adrien Segal translates scientific data into evocative sculptures that tell a story.
Lorraine Bubar No Turning Back Papercut

Slices of the World

Layered and intricate, Lorraine Bubar’s papercuts might remind you of Japanese woodblock prints or Indian miniature painting.
Original 1904 Mosaic Times Square

The Subterranean Scene

In New York City, you don’t have to visit a museum to see contemporary art – just take the subway.