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June/July 2015

June/July 2015

June/July 2015 American Craft magazine

Feature Articles

Follow the Thread

In her dazzling and detailed quilts, Paula Kovarik traces big ideas about life on Earth.

Il Maestro

At 80, Lino Tagliapietra has spent a lifetime with glass – and his legacy reaches beyond the exquisite objects he creates.

Everyday Magic

Accolades come to ceramist Linda Lopez, who finds a living spark in ordinary objects.

Next Generation

How do you define success? What's needed most in this field? The recipients of the first American Craft Council Emerging Voices Awards share their thoughts.

Collector with a Cause

Numbering in the thousands, Forrest L. Merrill’s trove of objects defies the imagination – and overflows his modest Bay Area home. Merrill doesn’t mind; to the ardent arts advocate and exhibition collaborator, living with craft means sharing it. 

Next Generation: Finalist, Annie Vought

Vought pays homage to the handmade with her work.

Next Generation: Finalist, Thaddeus Erdahl

The ceramic artist creates modern, mythic characters.

Next Generation: Finalist, Matt Hutton

Hutton's clarity of vision finds expression in his appealing curvilinear furniture.

Next Generation: Finalist, Ashley Buchanan

Jewelry that is elegant, restrained – and yet anything but simple.

Next Generation: Emerging Scholar, T'ai Smith

Insightful work on textiles, craft, and design.

Next Generation: Emerging Artist, Jaydan Moore

Moore delves deeper into everyday objects, altering them to give them new meaning.

More from This Issue

Rae Dunn Ceramics

A Certain Fluency

Rae Dunn's quirky ceramics reflect a lifelong love of language and the tactile.

Street Craft

Collected & Curated

New books, including Riikka Kuittinen's Street Craft and Molly Hatch's A Teacup Collection....

Garth Johnson Illustration

Feels Like Home

Garth Johnson dishes on his new role at ceramics hot spot Arizona State University.

Patty Roberts Breezy Bowl


Pâte de verre has propelled Patty Roberts to new heights.

Hot Couture at the Crucible

Made in Oakland

In the East Bay, artists are working to make art visible, accessible, and economically viable.

Avant Brunch Chefs

Museums Reimagined

We asked eight thinkers to tell us how the smartest museums are making the most of it.

Museum Of Contemporary Crafts, Craftsmanship in a Changing World

Opening Night

In 1956, the American Craft Council went all-in, opening one of this country's first museums devoted to craft.

Katie Poterala Patina Stud Earrings


Jeweler Katie Poterala's sublimated surfaces.