Published on Monday, May 18, 2015. This article appears in the June/July 2015 issue of American Craft Magazine.
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Chris Fong Florastero Ceramic Vases

Chris Fong, Florastero ceramic vases; Photo: Young & Able

Chris Fong
To perfect his Florastero line of ceramic vases, rooted in his student days at Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles designer Chris Fong experimented with interdisciplinary techniques ranging from paper folding to 3D printing. For a chic, summery sheen, each vase is airbrushed by hand.

Gallant & Jones
Fueled by a love for the classic British deck chair, friends Tamra Gallant and Gwyneth Jones banded together in 2009 to produce a North American version in Vancouver, BC. Their success has led to other fair-weather furniture and accessories, from beach chairs to blankets.

Lee Coren
Not far from the storied Jaffa flea market in Tel Aviv, textile designer Lee Coren produces scarves, bags, and purses with abstract patterns as well as prints of wanderlust-inducing landscapes. Coren photographed the Dead Sea for this clutch.

In 2005, Annie Mohaupt challenged herself to make sandals that could be worn for 100 miles with nary a blister. Fast-forward to today, and Mohaupt’s Chicago business boasts footwear from vegan materials; not only is it comfortable, but also it can be customized with “infinitely interchangeable” ribbons. That’s a tall order for a pair of high-heeled shoes. 

Brookes Boswell Millinery
Brooklyn-based milliner Brookes Boswell started her eponymous line of hats to celebrate “the great millinery tradition of New York City.” But that doesn’t mean she sticks only to the classics: The Marketmore hat is just one of many looks informed as much by contemporary fashion as it is by history.

Lilian Asterfield
Though Boston designer Nicole Deponte grew up in central Massachusetts, she was always enamored with horses and the Southwest. She describes her alter ego, Lilian Asterfield, as a “feisty, free-spirited, modern Victorian with a splash of cowgirl.” The Falcon collar captures this cultural mash-up.