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February/March 2014

February/March 2014

Feature Articles

Beautiful Impulse

Carrie Gustafson concentrates on gorgeous, graphical glassmaking.

Ready to Serve: Jason Bige Burnett

Jason Bige Burnett hopes his pieces "embody sweetness in any situation."

Ready to Serve: Heather Mae Erickson

Ambiguity drives Heather Mae Erickson's work.

Ready to Serve: Paul Eshelman

Paul Eshelman gets satisfaction from practicing careful craftsmanship.

Ready to Serve: Tara Wilson

Tara Wilson's work is feminine and sensual.

Ready to Serve: Diana Fayt

"Compulsive creative" Diana Fayt feels most at home with clay.

Ready to Serve: Joseph Pintz

Joseph Pintz sees his work as playing a role in life's daily rituals.

Motor City Modern

Design duo Abir Ali and Andre Sandifer bring architectural savvy to fashionable furniture in Detroit.

More from This Issue

Ryan Fletcher Work - 4

Food for Thought

What craft can learn from the locavore movement about growing an audience...

Chris Hastings

Place Setting

At his restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama, chef Chris Hastings takes local flavor and craftsmanship to the next level.

Candace Kling, “Candy” Sampler

Sweet Tooth

What's sweeter than sugar? The many ways that artists indulge our cravings.

ACC Northeast Craft Fair Blacksmith Demo

The Rhinebeck Revolution

Forty years ago, a craft fair’s move to a quiet New York town transformed a grassroots show into a national event.