At the Table

At the Table

Gail Garcia Salt and Pepper Shakers

Gail Garcia salt and pepper shakers. Photo: Gail Garcia

Gail Garcia
The bold color and perfect proportions of these salt and pepper shakers mean you’ll want to keep them on the table long after dinner’s over. They’re designed and made to order by longtime New York ceramics maven Gail Garcia.

Heather Lins Home
Heather Lins, of Madison, Wisconsin, drew on vintage typography as her inspiration for her napkins, which are a fun way to keep track of your linens (and your guests). Made of a hemp/cotton blend, they’re sewn  and printed just south of the Wisconsin border in Illinois.

Frost Glass
Carrie and Patrick Frost make a wide variety of tableware and sculptural objects in their Illinois studio, including hand-blown wine glasses. Clear glass forms are overlaid with delicate lace filigree, creating a colorful complement to any libation.

Nick Moen and Mimi McPartlan
A dreamy, cloud-like porcelain form cradles a cherry cutting board, complete with porcelain knife. Moen and McPartlan developed the table-ready cutting and serving piece in Moen’s studio in Ashe­ville, North Carolina.

The colorful Little Big Trivet, made from beechwood and waxed cotton cord, can be expanded to handle anything from a teapot to a turkey. It’s designed by New Yorker Alissia Melka-Teichroew for Areaware, a Brooklyn boutique manufacturer.

Stefanie Dueck
You’ll feel very regal using these medieval-looking sugar and sauce spoons, forged from stainless steel, bronze, and copper. In addition to her flatware, Dueck, based in Vancou­ver, Canada, makes arthropod-like  sculpture.