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December/January 2013

December/January 2013

December/January 2013 American Craft magazine

Feature Articles

The Craft of Design: Simon Pearce

Simon Pearce's glass and pottery has made his name a brand and his Vermont studio a tourist destination.

The Craft of Design: Thomas Moser

Thomas Moser always knew his furniture needed to be salable, as well as to make a personal artistic statement.

The Craft of Design: Denyse Schmidt

Denyse Schmidt found a niche designing quilts for contemporary interiors that are inspired by the beauty and sophistication of historic American quilts.

The Craft of Design: Annie Costello Brown

Brown designs jewelry for Yves Saint Laurent and Urban Outfitters.

The Craft of Design: Molly Hatch

A "lovely marriage" of maker and company is how she describes her collaboration with Anthropologie.

The Craft of Design: Tyler Hays

Turning a lifelong obsession with materials and craftsmanship into a high-profile brand...

The Craft of Design: Alison Berger

Through designing glass objects for Hermès and Holly Hunt, Alison Berger has learned that "you can produce things in a production house with the level of integrity of art."

The Craft of Design: Frances Palmer

Ceramic artist Frances Palmer's work is her own, whether made in her studio or in Niagara China's upstate New York factory.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Very Young Octogenarian

Wendell Castle's life seems as playful and practical as his furniture.

Latex Dreams

An encounter with Jason Hackenwerth's gigantic balloon sculptures.

The Craft of Design

Eight craftspeople who have made the leap into design.

More from This Issue

Shop Talk: Laura Lapachin and Stefan Friedemann

Fresh Concept

Ornamentum Gallery goes beyond its owners' original intention.
Sonya Philip Dress 1

Mad Skill

Fiber artist Sonya Philip turns garment-making into a public dialogue.
Erik Bogner Duende Asada Cleaver


Erik Bogner draws on influences from folklore to cyberpunk to create his artful blades.