December/January 2013

December/January 2013

December/January 2013 American Craft magazine

Featured Articles

Denyse Schmidt

The Craft of Design: Denyse Schmidt

Denyse Schmidt found a niche designing quilts for contemporary interiors that are inspired by the beauty and sophistication of historic American quilts.
Alison Berger

The Craft of Design: Alison Berger

Through designing glass objects for Hermès and Holly Hunt, Alison Berger has learned that "you can produce things in a production house with the level of integrity of art."
Jason Hackenbarth balloon sculpture

Latex Dreams

An encounter with Jason Hackenwerth's gigantic balloon sculptures.

In This Issue

Shop Talk: Laura Lapachin and Stefan Friedemann

Fresh Concept

Ornamentum Gallery goes beyond its owners' original intention.
Sonya Philip Dress 1

Mad Skill

Fiber artist Sonya Philip turns garment-making into a public dialogue.
Erik Bogner Duende Asada Cleaver


Erik Bogner draws on influences from folklore to cyberpunk to create his artful blades.