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Now Online: December/January 2013

Now Online: December/January 2013

Now Online: December/January 2013

December/January 2013 issue of American Craft magazine
Elizabeth Whelan Fabric

Swatches from Elizabeth Whelan’s fabric designs for Nike’s Flywire shoes.

Unconventional Arrangements
Experiential art guru Jason Hackenwerth first wowed us with his phantasmagorical balloon sculptures. Now he’s tackled another medium: plywood. We sat down with him for a video interview on the eve of the unveiling of a new wood sculpture at the Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis.

Overstocked Design
This issue’s big focus is on craftspeople who’ve navigated the murky waters of industry and ventured into the design realm. Now we’re upping the ante online with a set of bonus features on glass artists Tracy Glover and Annie Morhauser, ceramist Kathy Erteman, textile designer Elizabeth Whelan, business expert and jewelry maker Megan Auman, and more.

Design Visionaries In Depth
Simon Pearce and Thomas Moser have each been producing top-notch designs for more than four decades. In exclusive online interviews, we asked the two entrepreneurs how they’ve championed craftsmanship and what it’s like to become a brand name.

Make Your Craft Connection
’Tis the season for giving. And as a nonprofit, the American Craft Council (this magazine’s publisher) relies on contributions from readers like you to continue the work of connecting people to craft. The ACC asked a few friends – artists, gallery owners, collectors, and just plain appreciators of the human impulse to create – to speak about their connection in a special video. Check back in January to watch it.

Ken Price: Triumphant Tribute
In an online exclusive, ceramics historian/dealer Garth Clark weighs in on Ken Price Sculpture: A Retrospective, the catalogue published in conjunction with an exhibition of the late master’s work at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (through January 6). Log on to read about the book Clark calls a masterpiece – “one of the best artist monographs in years.”

Heck Yes, Craft Gifts!
Why not choose handmade this holiday season? Forgo the catalogues and malls and cozy up with a special edition of our Friday blog series – a Heck Yes Craft gift guide for all the special someones on your list. Your loved ones will thank you.