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April/May 2014

April/May 2014

Feature Articles

The Long View

Jonathan Kline’s sleek and sturdy forms have enriched American basketry.

Sign Language

In Kenji Nakayama’s skillful hands, signs draw attention and spur conversations.

Queen of Parts

Robin Cass’ sculptures skirt the boundary between attraction and repulsion.

The Village Potter

In a "post-object world," Michael Strand uses craft as a catalyst for connection.

More from This Issue

Harrison McIntosh

All His Own

Among midcentury ceramists’ work, Harrison McIntosh’s stands apart.

Black Sheep Bikes

All Together Now

Artful objects that prove there is strength – and beauty – in coming together as one.

Julie Green, The Last Supper

Bearing Witness

Julie Green’s plates humanize prisoners facing the death penalty.

The People's House, Heidelberg Project

Creative Reinvention

Despite its reputation for urban decay and economic woes, Detroit is a place where art truly makes a difference.

Gwyneth Leech at Work

Drink Up

Gwyneth Leech's daily cup of coffee led her to an unexpected project.

Christa Assad, Invaluable

Face of War

Christa Assad uses art to call attention to victims of violence in Syria.

The Rev. Michael Radford Sullivan

Faith in Craft

An Atlanta church becomes a showcase for the work of local artists.

Found My Animal, Leash

Giving Back

Arty goods that help make the world a better place.

Jack and Holman Wang, Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn

Soft Spot

Jack and Holman Wang have felted their way through nine literary classics, with more to come.

Jason Chakravarty, Treading

Taking Off

As glass sculptor Jason Chakravarty's work has grown more spare, it seems more freighted with meaning.