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Web Extras: April/May 2014

Web Extras: April/May 2014

Web Extras: April/May 2014

April/May 2014 issue of American Craft magazine
Kenji Nakayama Portrait Shoot

Kenji Nakayama’s portrait shoot; photo by Yari Wolinsky

As seen in the April/May 2014 issue of American Craft magazine...

Our Survey Says...
Last fall the American Craft Council asked its members (including many of you, dear readers) to share their feedback in a web survey, telling us how well we’re meeting the needs of membership and the broader craft community. The results have given us valuable insight and helped inform our plans as we design new membership benefits. More than 70 percent of respondents said they were members because they want to support an organization that promotes contemporary craft, not just because of benefits such as American Craft magazine or the ACC shows. The ACC’s mission is to champion craft, and we’re glad you’re as invested as we are in that effort. If you’re reading a print copy of this magazine, you’re not alone. Fifty-six percent of respondents prefer to read American Craft as a traditional paper magazine rather than in digital form. Click here to read a full recap of results. And if you haven’t yet had a chance to share your thoughts, complete a survey (it’s anony­mous). Thank you to everyone who has participated; we appreciate your feedback.

Lights, Camera, Action
Are you as excited as we are about each new issue of American Craft? Since our December/January issue, we’ve been sharing our enthusiasm in a special video series that gives you a sneak peek at what’s ahead in these pages. Hear the editors who put together each issue talking about the stories that sparked their interest, and get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at how it all comes together.

Caring With Clay
Social practice artists make art to do good, spur change, and start conversations. North Dakota ceramist Meg Roberts’ nonprofit, Plants for Patients, does all three. The organization, which identifies as neither pro-life nor pro-choice but “pro-compassion,” provides handmade planters, succulents, and notes of community support to women who have had abortions – seeking to humanize an individual in a politicized setting. Click here to read a Q&A with Roberts.

Pins from the Past
You may remember the announcement that the first 25 years of Craft Horizons, American Craft’s predecessor, have been fully digitized and made available online through the ACC Library’s Digital Collections. To make it even more accessible, we’ve created a Pinterest board to display all the covers and feature links to some of the noteworthy articles in each issue. We hope you’ll head online and poke around.

Even More Shows to See
looking for top-notch craft exhibitions to check out in your area? Have a stellar show you’d like to let others know about? The calendar on the ACC website is your one-stop spot for both. We add intriguing exhibitions every week, and we encourage you to submit your own craft events with our handy self-serve form.

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