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A biweekly roundup for and by the craft community, The Queue introduces you to the artists, curators, organizers, and more featured in the current issue of American Craft. We invite these inspiring individuals to share personally about their lives and work as well as what's inspiring them right now.

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ortrait of woman posing by tree in courtyard outside of a tan stone building

The Queue: Angel Yoon Kyung Cho

Based in Barcelona, Angel Yoon Kyung Cho is a graphic designer and ceramist whose writing about Korean yugi bronzeware and family ritual appears in our Summer 2022 issue. In The Queue, she shares her methods for staying grounded, her unusual drawing tools, and an artist she admires.
ceramic artist in purple tank top and overalls working on a pottery wheel and smiling

The Queue: Tina Fossella

Tina Fossella is a ceramist based in Mill Valley, California. Her bright, simple berry bowl is featured in the Market section of our Summer 2022 issue, and she’ll also be an exhibitor in our upcoming American Craft Made / Baltimore online marketplace! In The Queue, she shares how her work is informed by the spiritual and sacred, how she connects with customers, and what she’s been reading.
portrait of gabriel frey

The Queue: Gabriel Frey

Based in Orono, Maine, and featured in the Market section of our Spring 2022 issue, basket artist Gabriel Frey weaves black ash into elegant carryalls. In The Queue he shares about a new pursuit, a chef and a writer who are working to shine a light on Indigenous traditions, and what's on his reading, listening, and watching lists.
textile artist rhiannon griego posing in front of tan and black handwoven textile artwork

The Queue: Rhiannon Griego

Based in Santa Fe, Rhiannon Griego is one of nine textile artists featured in our Spring 2022 issue who are "grappling with issues of environmental, economic, and social sustainability." In The Queue she shares about finding beauty in paradox and steadiness in change—and gives a shoutout to another textile artist whose work she'd love to own.
portrait of shae bishop on horseback wearing ornate teal blue cowboy hat white shirt and ornate chaps made from pink and blue ceramic tiles

The Queue: Shae Bishop

Shae Bishop is a North Carolina–based ceramic and fiber artist who makes sculptural garments that he displays with photographs of himself wearing the pieces in specific environments. In The Queue Shae shares how fashion and history inform his craft, what he's been reading, and about two artists whose work he admires.
portrait of beth dow

The Queue: Beth Dow

Based in the Twin Cities, Beth Dow is the artisan behind Fieldwork Goods, a line of leather accessories made with traditional saddlery techniques and vegetable-tanned leather. In The Queue, Beth shares about the intention behind her work and how she balances her craft with a photography practice—with a shoutout to another leather artist she admires.
woodworker in studio looking away from camera and smiling while standing at bench with tools

The Queue: Aspen Golann

Aspen Golann is an artist and furniture maker blending early American furniture forms with sculpture and social practice. She's also an educator and the founder of The Chairmaker's Toolbox, a project that is amplifying and supporting the work of underrepresented artists in the woodworking field. In The Queue she shares about the questions that drive her personal practice—as well as some of her "artist crushes!"
artist posing in green chair beside rectangular wallhanging featuring textured copper plates

The Queue: Tracey Beale

Tracey Beale creates metal jewelry and copper wall art that she describes as modern relics. Beale's interest in African artifacts and articles of adornment informs a lot of her work. In The Queue she shares what medium has been a major source of finding beauty, what go-to tool she uses to create texture in her jewelry, and more.
artist posing with hand felted sculptural wall art

The Queue: Kristy Kún

Kristy Kún is an Oregon-based fiber artist who, having studied engineering and after a career as a woodworker, has turned her focus to sculptural compositions in handmade felt. In The Queue she shares her surprising and insightful go-to tool and lets us know whose work she's inspired by.
Upholstery artist seated working with an antique carding machine in a contemporary studio

The Queue: Matthew Nafranowicz

European-trained traditional upholsterer living in Madison, Wisconsin, Matthew Nafranowicz is the furniture artist behind Straight Thread Chair Co. In The Queue, he shares what terrifying yet effective 18th-century tool he uses in his practice, what installation and spoon carving artists' he's inspired by, and more!
textile artist seated in studio beside colorful tufted wall hanging art

The Queue: Trish Andersen

Trish Andersen is a Savannah, Georgia—based textile artist who takes a painterly approach to the technique of rug tufting, with recent works resembling draped, dripping, abstract expressionist–like canvases. In The Queue, Andersen shares the shows she's binging and what twists and turns her career has taken to get her to this point. Read how big risks and saying no have led her to where she is now.
stonecarver seated cross legged working with a chisel on an outdoor monument

The Queue: Sebastian Martorana

Sebastian Martorana is a sculptor and illustrator living and working in Baltimore, Maryland. He's the "In My Studio" contributor for our Winter 2022 issue, sharing an overview of his workspace and a personal reflection on his creative process. In The Queue, you can get to know what books, tools, and shows are currently inspiring him.
Portrait of Jovencio de la Paz sitting in a gallery in front of a series of weavings in frames on a wall

The Queue: Jovencio de la Paz

Jovencio de la Paz is an artist, weaver, educator, and writer. Their work exists at the intersection of the history of computation, coding, weaving, and textiles. They reflect on the theme of the newest issue of American Craft "Wonder" as it relates to their work and practice. Jovencio also lets us in on their current favorite podcast and go-to tool for weaving!
stylized portrait of a woman among the trees of a forest

The Queue: Lisa Mauer Elliott

Lisa Mauer Elliott is the art director of American Craft, along with Adam Mauer Elliott. She’s also a maker of art in a multitude of mediums—from drawing, painting, and photography to printmaking, jewelry, and sculpture—with an emphasis on responding to nature in all its forms. Lisa shares her go-to tools, her favorite contemporary maker, and more in The Queue.
Portrait of Amanda McCavour posing against a desk in a studio with embroideries hanging on the walls

The Queue: Amanda McCavour

Amanda McCavour is a Toronto-based artist who works with stitch to create large-scale embroidered installations. Learn more about her work, what she considers to be her biggest challenges in her career, and see which contemporary artists' Amanda is currently inspired and excited by.
portrait of a woman seated on a stool in a plain room beside an unlit fireplace with various ceramic pieces arranged on the sill

The Queue: Dina Nur Satti

Based in New York City, Dina Nur Satti is the artist behind Nur Ceramics and is the featured maker in the the Fall 2021 issue of American Craft. In this week's Queue post, Dina reflects on the ethereal side of creative practice and learnings from the past year, and shares about the scholars and artists who have influenced her work.
portrait of two blacksmiths wearing aprons posing in a shop with blue painted brick walls

The Queue: Amy Weiks & Gabriel Craig

Amy Weiks and Gabriel Craig are the co-founders of Smith Shop, a dynamic, craft-centric metalworking studio based in Detroit. Amy shares a goldmine of new podcasts for you to check out to stay inspired, and Gabriel details which body of work best reflects our Fall issue's theme of "Kinship". See their book recommendations and more in this installment of The Queue.
two artists posing in their studio with weavings and symbolist paintings hanging on the walls

The Queue: Sandra & Wence Martinez

Sandra and Wence Martinez have been working together for decades in a true artistic partnership. Sandra is a symbolist painter. Wence is a weaver with ancestral roots in Oaxaca, Mexico. He weaves the patterns in her paintings. Together they make up Martinez Studio. They both share what kinship means to them, what their go-to tool is in their toolkit, and much more in The Queue.