• Portrait of Jonathan Christensen Caballero

    The Queue: Jonathan Christensen Caballero

    Jonathan Christensen Caballero’s figurative sculptures stand as tall as living people and bring Latin American workers into view. In The Queue, the Lawrence, Kansas–based artist shares some of the artists featured in his new curatorial project and why and how he works big.
  • cabinet with crafts on and within the cabinet and on the floor in front of the cabinet

    Craft Without Boundaries

    The startlingly beautiful works of a path-breaking designer and an iconic Iranian artist are highlighted in two retrospective exhibitions in Atlanta.
  • man holds marble ready to toss

    Rocks That Roll

    The marbles that players use in Rolley Hole, a hyper-local Southern game, are works of art and ingenuity.
  • white clay folded into itself on plywood

    Fine Folds

    The simple act of folding—turning material back upon itself—can become powerfully expressive in skilled hands. Four artists discuss how the art of the fold operates in one of their significant works.
  • Portrait of L Autumn Gnadinger

    The Queue: L Autumn Gnadinger

    L Autumn Gnadinger takes a critical eye toward craft, the art world, and the sticky spots where the two meet. In The Queue, the Philadelphia-based artist, writer, and teacher muses on technology, craft’s generative properties, and artists they admire.
  • Wool weaving

    Craft Happenings: Winter 2023

    Winter is around the corner, and the colder weather makes indoor activities more appealing. Why not be inside at these craft events?! Here are 20 exhibitions, festivals, and more happening across the country to help fill out your calendar, organized by the month in which they start.
  • Portrait of Mattie Hinkley in their studio

    The Queue: Mattie Hinkley

    Mattie Hinkley’s fantastical, blobby, sexy domestic objects bring the joy home. In The Queue, the Chico, California–based artist shares how they combine Shaker and comic book aesthetics, the many uses of blue tape, and the artists they would choose to furnish their dream room.
  • Einar and Jamex de la Torre

    The Queue: Einar and Jamex de la Torre

    The de la Torre Brothers, Einar and Jamex, are renowned for their large-scale, vivid mixed media sculptures incorporating religious and cultural iconography from their Chicano background. Based in San Diego and in Baja California, they work primarily in glass and lenticular printing. In The Queue, they share how they got into glass, the surreal aspects of making art across the US–Mexico border, and some of their favorite contemporary glass artists and exhibitions.
  • portrait of ceramic artist cynthia morelli

    The Queue: Cynthia Morelli

    Cynthia Morelli is a ceramist in Homer, Alaska, where she operates a wood-fire kiln. In The Queue, she shares about her current clay project, how to build a community in the face of COVID and geographical isolation, and her favorite contemporary artists.
  • portrait of jeannine marchand with camera beside creek

    The Queue: Jeannine Marchand

    Jeannine Marchand is a Puerto Rican ceramist who lives and works in North Carolina. In The Queue, she shares her sources of inspiration in the natural world, her favorite TV craftspeople, and a sculpture she returns to over and over again.