• neon scultpure man pointing set against a painting of a nature landscape with deer

    Craft Happenings: Fall 2022

    Fall is nearly here—don't let the season slip by without taking time to experience craft! Here are 31 exhibitions, symposiums, festivals, and more happening across the country to help fill out your calendar, organized by the month in which they start.
  • portrait of glenn adamson

    The Queue: Glenn Adamson

    Glenn Adamson is a writer, curator, and historian of craft based in New York’s Hudson Valley. In The Queue, he shares the Japanese ceramic vessel that captivated him, what he’s been reading and writing, and where Buston Keaton and craft converge.
  • portrait of ayumi horie in studio

    A New Model for Craft Makers—Brought on by Instagram

    Nearly 12 years have passed since October 2010 when Instagram was launched as a photo-sharing social media application on Apple’s mobile operating system. In this time, the app has powerfully influenced the world of craft in key ways.
  • portrait of rachel david

    The Queue: Rachel David

    Rachel David is a North Carolina–based blacksmith and sculptor whose heavily textured metalwork is featured in our Summer 2022 issue. In The Queue, she shares the joys of working in a new place, her many art crushes, and the tools that make her work possible.
  • photo of paper artist next to workstation in outdoor courtyard

    The Queue: Drew Cameron

    Drew Cameron is based in Iowa City, where he makes paper from military uniforms. In The Queue, he shares about the camaraderie and perspective he finds with other veterans, his favorite papermaking tool, and where he likes to buy paper goods.
  • group of artists sitting around a table in india working on a series of black white and yellow patterned textiles

    [Visionaries in Craft] Nest

    Inspired by Muhammad Yunus’s work microlending to small businesses, in 2006 the 24-year-old Rebecca van Bergen, armed with a master’s degree in social work, decided to aid female craft artisans globally “beyond the creation of small debt,” as she puts it.

    [Visionaries in Craft] Craft Equity

    The creators of Craft Equity identify themselves as an anonymous group of queer and racially diverse craft artists who exhibit and teach internationally.
  • man in red hat and jacket standing the rubble of a burned down studio

    [Visionaries in Craft] CERF+ (Craft Emergency Relief Fund)

    For years, when craft artists suffered major setbacks, colleagues would support their recovery by passing the hat at American Craft Council fairs. However, for glass artist Josh Simpson, ceramicist Marylyn Dintenfass, and Carol Sedestrom Ross, this wasn’t good enough.