• Goldfish illustration.

    The Objects We Keep

    People talk to their laptops, name their cars, invest meaning into such ordinary things as a particular baseball cap or coffee mug. It is a fact of life that we have relationships with all sorts of inanimate objects.
  • Portrait of Lloyd Herman

    Remembering: Lloyd Herman

    Independent curator, museum director, and American Craft Council Honorary Fellow Lloyd Herman died on January 5, 2023. He was one of the foremost authorities on the contemporary craft movement in America and traveled the world lecturing on the topic of American craft.
  • Portrait of ceramicist Alana Cuellar in studio

    The Queue: Alana Cuellar

    Alana Cuellar has lived her entire life immersed in craft. In The Queue, the St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin–based ceramist shares the relationship between pottery and cooking in her life, where she gets ideas for her work, and the craft projects she’s excited to see come to fruition.
  • Sculptural table by Reynold Rodriguez

    The Table That Dreamed

    The day I spoke with Reynold Rodriguez, Hurricane Fiona had just descended on Puerto Rico, leaving in its wake dangerous floods and extensive blackouts. “Emotionally, it’s a lot, to have to go back to something very similar to Maria,” says Rodriguez, a furniture designer based in San Juan, recalling the catastrophic storm of 2017.
  • Portrait of Sharon Church

    Remembering: Sharon Church

    With sadness we acknowledge the death of jewelry artist and educator Sharon Church. She died on December 25, 2022, at the age of 74.
  • Dark blue tall human sculpture with smaller light blue and red human sculpture on wooden base.

    Standing in the Room Together

    When visitors to The Clay Studio in Philadelphia enter the Figuring Space exhibition, they’ll encounter a sort of community in clay—a gathering of life-size human figures.
  • Portrait of Margo Roberts

    The Queue: Margo Roberts

    For Margo Roberts, craft is at the heart of her work as the co-owner of Hotel Alma and creative director of Alma Apothecary. In The Queue, she shares her favorite scent for winter, why she has brought so many craftspeople into the hotel, and whom she would trust to decorate her home.
  • Long black brush being held by an arm full of tattoos.

    Domestic Bliss

    Mattie Hinkley’s work is a mesmerizing mix of the fantastical and the practical. They delight in the mash-up of flat, functional surfaces and woozy shapes that evoke body parts and dreams—especially when it comes to the objects they put in their home.
  • Curated living rooms space

    Come In, Sit Down.

    Wood sculptor Ido Yoshimoto’s Inverness, California, cabin exudes comfort and welcome. When Yoshimoto, godson of legendary sculptor J.B. Blunk, acquired the 1980s-era structure, it was abandoned and in rough shape.
  • Portrait of Kyungmin Park

    The Queue: Kyungmin Park

    Kyungmin Park connects us to childlike wonder in her powerful porcelain sculptures. In The Queue, the Massachusetts-based ceramist shares how travel informs her work, the importance of storytelling in her practice, and the organizations that sustain craft.
  • Daniel Michalik in studio

    Buoyant and Bold

    In Daniel Michalik’s hands, cork—harvested from live trees—becomes a versatile and exceptionally beautiful medium.
  • woman crouching in studio working on art piece

    Internalized Landscapes

    A queer Nigerian American artist and architect reflects on how inhabiting mind, body, space, and Yoruba cosmology informs her practice.