• black metal ring with word lazulite and dark blue minerals

    The Assembler

    Carin Jones has been working as a full-time artist for 11 years but still has a hard time calling herself one. “I don’t envision an idea and make it come to life,” says the jeweler who lives in Kingston, Washington, and whose work is inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. “I let the materials direct me."
  • portait of ceramic artist standing studio smiling and preparing to etch into the bottom of a clay bowl

    The Queue: Alice Fujii

    Based in La Crescenta, California, Alice Fujii is a ceramist whose berry bowl is featured in the Market section of our Summer 2022 issue. In The Queue, she shares her favorite tool, a porcelain artist she admires, and the science fiction show she devoured during the pandemic.
  • ceramic jug in the shape of a rooster with yellow head and tail and black body

    Vasylkiv Cockerel

    After a high-rise building in Borodianka, Ukraine, collapsed under Russian shelling, journalist-photographer Elizaveta Servatyanska looked up and saw in the ruins an undamaged rooster-shaped ceramic jug atop a kitchen cabinet.
  • glass artists working an orange arrow-shaped glass sculpture with flame

    Hip Hop Glassmaker

    Leo Tecosky does more than make graffiti in glass—he captures the spirit of a cultural movement.
  • portrait of an artist in studio next to shelf with vials of ink and paintings and drawings on the wall behind him

    The Queue: Thomas Little

    Thomas Little is an ink and pigment maker based in North Carolina whose work transforming guns into ink is featured in our Summer 2022 issue. In The Queue, he shares his methods for decreasing harm in a violent world and his unusual collaboration with nature.
  • portrait of woman leaning out of frame with cow skull visible on wall in background

    The Queue: Carin Jones

    Carin Jones is the Washington-based jeweler behind Jonesing for Jewelry and a featured artist in the Summer 2022 issue of American Craft. In The Queue, she reflects on her zoological background, her favorite tool, and what she’s been watching.
  • bronze korean yugi bowl filled with rice and vegetables and garnished with a flower

    An Homage to Yugi

    The bronze tableware that my Korean family filled with offerings to our ancestors nourishes me as an artist—and a human.
  • black and white photo of a glass blowing artist demonstrating technique at an outdoor craft fair


    From a fair in Vermont to the ACC Shows—now called American Craft Made—the ACC has been connecting artists and craft lovers since 1966.
  • ortrait of woman posing by tree in courtyard outside of a tan stone building

    The Queue: Angel Yoon Kyung Cho

    Based in Barcelona, Angel Yoon Kyung Cho is a graphic designer and ceramist whose writing about Korean yugi bronzeware and family ritual appears in our Summer 2022 issue. In The Queue, she shares her methods for staying grounded, her unusual drawing tools, and an artist she admires.
  • model wearing an ornte gold paper dress standing before a surrealist painting depicting a man seated on a chair

    Wearing the Truth

    With her sculpted paper dresses, Fabiola Jean-Louis unflinchingly confronts history and imagines Black futures.
  • ceramic artist in purple tank top and overalls working on a pottery wheel and smiling

    The Queue: Tina Fossella

    Tina Fossella is a ceramist based in Mill Valley, California. Her bright, simple berry bowl is featured in the Market section of our Summer 2022 issue, and she’ll also be an exhibitor in our upcoming American Craft Made / Baltimore online marketplace! In The Queue, she shares how her work is informed by the spiritual and sacred, how she connects with customers, and what she’s been reading.