• portrait of patricia young

    Patricia Young

    A retired clinical social worker, Patricia Young is not only an ardent craft advocate and collector. She views herself as a “craft chaplain,” she says.
  • portrait of charlotte herrera

    Charlotte Herrera

    “I have been intrigued by the handmade for as long as I can remember,” says Charlotte Herrera, a craft enthusiast and collector, and co-founder, organizer, and volunteer at the Fine Craft Show at Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, New York, for 22 years.
  • portrait of stoney lamar in wood workshop

    Stoney Lamar

    Woodturner William Stoney Lamar never intended to be a sculptor; rather, he’s said, “I decided to make work on a lathe.” Having begun as a furniture maker, he discovered the lathe in the 1980s and was captivated by its potential to carve in lyrical and technically demanding ways.
  • portrait of lowery stokes sims

    Lowery Stokes Sims

    Lowery Stokes Sims, an art historian and curator of contemporary art and craft, has focused her expertise on the work of African, African American, Latinx, Native, and Asian American artists, resulting in exhibitions and writings that have contributed fresh insights and critical scholarship to the craft field.
  • portrait of howard risatti

    Howard Risatti

    What is craft? How is it different from fine art or design? In his numerous journal articles, catalog essays, and books on contemporary theory in fine art and craft, writer and scholar Howard Risatti has elevated public and academic understanding of craft in contemporary society.
  • portrait of carolyn mazloomi

    Carolyn Mazloomi

    Despite her doctorate in aerospace engineering, Carolyn Mazloomi turned her energy to quilting and bringing the unrecognized contributions of African American quilt artists to the attention of American and international audiences.
  • ceramic artist mark pharis in studio

    Mark Pharis

    Educated at the University of Minnesota, where he studied with Warren MacKenzie, Mark Pharis has continually innovated forms and glazes for functional pottery both within and outside of an academic career.
  • ceramic artist tip toland in studio

    Tip Toland

    Tip Toland’s fascination with faces—drawing and painting them in art school, plumbing the knowledge and experience she found there—led to painted bas-relief sculptures in wood and clay, then three-dimensional ceramic work reflecting an entire human character.
  • wood artist kristina madsen posing in shop next to band saw

    Kristina Madsen

    In praising Kristina Madsen’s exquisite furniture when bestowing its 2020/2021 Award of Distinction, the Furniture Society wrote she’s a “truly exceptional furniture maker who has made a significant impact on the field through her unique way of combining classic European cabinet-making techniques with traditional Fijian carving to produce furniture that truly embodies her own style.”
  • glass artist preston singletary posing in studio

    Preston Singletary

    In his luminescent glass work, Tlingit artist Preston Singletary merges European glassblowing traditions with Northwest Coast Native design. He infuses Tlingit icons—including raven, salmon, and his clan symbol, killer whale—as well as basket designs, themes of transformation, spiritual stories, and cultural images with modern materials, paying homage to his ancestors.
  • portrait of textile artist nancy koenigsberg in studio

    Nancy Koenigsberg

    As a child, Nancy Koenigsberg loved to knit and crochet. Her higher education included studies in sculpture and painting. After earning her BA from Goucher College, Baltimore, she founded a successful custom-design needlepoint business in New York City.
  • jewelry artist keith lewis in studio

    Keith Lewis

    “As cliché as it sounds, the first time I held a soldering torch in my hand, that felt very right,” recalls metalsmith and jeweler Keith Lewis. A prosaic statement, yet Lewis’s work is anything but.