Spring 2023 American Craft Forum

Spring 2023 American Craft Forum

Woven Through Water: How Boatbuilding Connects Communities and Cultures
Enjoy a conversation as we look forward to spring and the opening of many of our waterways with a conversation about how water and travel connect us as human beings. Almost every land that touches water has a tradition of boatbuilding or watercraft. How do those skills, traditions, and history—different as they may be—build community and connect us across cultures? Dr. Anton Treuer, an accomplished professor of Ojibwe at Bemidji State University in Bemidji, Minnesota, and a celebrated author, will guide us through a discussion with Daniel Creisher from The Apprenticeshop, a boatbuilding and sailing school in Rockland, Maine, as well as birchbark canoe maker Jim Jones about the power and history of watercraft.

Special thanks to:
Moderator | Dr. Anton Treuer
Speakers |  James L. Jones Jr. and Daniel Creisher, The Apprenticeshop

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