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Cindy Liebel is jewelry for the individual, the ever-curious collector who actively engages with the world and thrives on exploration. I strive to empower our customers by making style easy and timeless, offering them a special treat that aligns with their worldview. I believe jewelry should speak to the person wearing it... So, I produce a variety of sizes and metal finishes to empower jewelry collectors. My pieces are crafted to outlast trends and regular enjoyment. Each piece is designed specifically for comfortable, everyday accessorizing, that are functional and lightweight, crafted to compliment your look. My jewelry is designed and hand fabricated using recycled precious metals from earrings to rings to necklaces with an understated twist. Modern details are displayed within each style that's simple and sleek for everyday adornment.
Cindy Liebel Jewelry

Fredericksburg, VA 22407
United States