Resources & Programs

Resources & Programs


American Craft Forum

Join us virtually in this inspiring, refreshing, pragmatic, and safe conversation space where we can work together on critical issues facing the craft community.

COVID-19 Resources

We created these resource pages to help you stay informed, get connected, and remain resilient during the COVID-19 crisis.


The Council has a long history of convening the craft field. Experience the live recordings of craft having an impact in American life from the main stage of our 2019 conference.

Craft Resources

Browse our craft resource lists to discover craft museums in the United States, national and regional craft organizations, schools with craft workshops and courses, and state arts and crafts councils.


Across four issues, American Craft Inquiry featured in-depth essays on contemporary and historical issues, exhibition reviews, and a deep, detailed look at items from our archives.

ACC Awards

ACC honors exceptional contributors to the field from emerging artists to masters. Learn more about our awards and the talented people we've recognized.