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American Craft Inquiry: Volume 2, Issue 1

American Craft Inquiry: Volume 2, Issue 1

Welcome to the digital edition of the third issue of American Craft Inquiry. Articles will be linked as they become available. You can purchase individual issues of the journal here.


Table of Contents

Required Reading

This is My Work: The Rise of Women in Woodworking
Anne Carlisle

Driving the Point
Kristin Müller

Exhibition Highlight: “Label Me, Label You”
Jiseon Lee Isbara

Exhibition Highlight: “Companion Species”
Marie Watt

Exhibition Highlight: “Interwoven Radiance”
Lily Hope

The Political Hand
Anna Walker

American Made, American Maker
Jennifer Ling Datchuk

Power Object: Rose B. Simpson’s Maria
Sarah Archer

“From the Cerebral Dimestore”
Interview with 2019 Fellow Mark Burns

Levi’s Denim Art Contest
Sarah Archer

Editor’s Letter
Michael Radyk