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The Week in Craft: January 10, 2018

Your weekly dose of links about craft, art, design, and whatever else we’re excited about sharing

The Week in Craft: January 10, 2018

Your weekly dose of links about craft, art, design, and whatever else we’re excited about sharing
Kate Kato Insect Drawer

Kate Kato evokes feelings of spring with her marvelous paper sculptures inspired by the natural world.

Courtesy of the artist

If it's frigid where you are – and it probably is – spend a few moments imagining springtime with the help of paper artist Kate Kato.

ACC Fellow and McArthur "genius" Joyce J. Scott is reviewed in the New York Times.

Swiss-Icelandic artist Christoph Büchel urges the US to consider the prototypes designed for the Mexico-US border wall as an artwork in and of itself – a “collective sculpture with Trump as the artist,” while Christopher Hawthorne, architecture critic for the Los Angeles Times, also analyzed the wall prototypes, finding them to be “the most and least architectural objects [he'd] ever seen.”

Minneapolis artist Marcia Haffmans uses her work to call attention to an often-overlooked population in Minnesota.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is changing its pay-as-you-wish admission policy: Starting March 1, out-of-state visitors will be charged a $25 entrance fee. The news has been met with much criticism

Winter got you down? Try knitting a sweater from this wacky book of patterns from the 1980s

Sculptor Edoardo Tresoldi uses wire mesh to create haunting works that are visibly transparent. Check out his interview with Designboom to hear more about his work, process, and inspiration.

In the wake of personal loss and the past year of conversation surrounding primarily confederate monuments, artist and former gallerist Ric Kasini Kadour writes about how his perception of monuments and memorials has changed, both of taking them down and how to replace them.

Fired Up: Contemporary Glass by Women Artists,” which is currently at the Toledo Museum of Art, was reviewed on Hyperallergic. Sarah Rose Sharp critiqued the show while also exploring the question of whether or not “female glass art” is a necessary distinction from “glass art.”

The 2018 Minnesota Book Artist Award goes to Erica Spitzer Rasmussen for her work The Love Affair, created from the actual letters exchanged between her maternal grandparents in the 1930s.

On January 4, the fate of a House of Delegates seat in the Virginia legislature, and party control of the lower chamber, lay in a handmade ceramic bowl by Virginia Museum of Fine Arts artist-in-residence Steven Glass, according to the Washington Post reports via the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

The world lost one of the greats last week. Renowned ceramist Betty Woodman, who was an ACC Fellow and Gold Medalist, died on January 2 at age 87.