Video: Sam Barsky's Landmark Sweaters

Video: Sam Barsky's Landmark Sweaters

Sam Barsky

Sam Barsky models his Camden Yards sweater in the Baltimore Orioles' baseball stadium.

Courtesy of the artist

Baltimore's Sam Barsky has been knitting his one-of-a-kind sweaters for nearly 20 years, but in 2017 the internet took notice when a post on Imgur, a popular image-sharing site, went viral. 

Soon Barsky and his sweaters were garnering international media attention. The artist's unique signature: selfies taken in front of landmarks such as Stonehenge, the Golden Gate Bridge, and London's Tower Bridge – while wearing a matching sweater he knitted.

We had a chance to meet up with Barsky during the American Craft Show in Baltimore to talk more about his love of making and what it's like becoming famous online. Watch the video interview below.