Make Room Designer Spotlight: Lindsay Meyer

Make Room Designer Spotlight: Lindsay Meyer

American Craft Show in San Francisco

Published on Friday, June 29, 2018.
Lindsay Meyer
Courtesy of Lindsay Meyer

What's your company name? Batch

What's your favorite design tip?
As long as you love everything you choose to bring into your home, it can all be blended to become the perfect expression of your uniqueness. The magic is making it all work together.

What color did you choose and why?
Batch's logo color is a dusty rose hue, a shade that has been particularly on-point for the last couple of years. We operate a 3,000-square-foot showroom space in San Francisco's Russian Hill neighborhood, and we produce five different collections each year. This spring we themed an entire eight-week collection around the color pink, and it was our strongest Batch to date. It is a nice nod to our commitment to working with women-founded and -led businesses and the fact that our full-time employees are all women. It's an optimistic color, and we love helping people translate it into their homes. 

What’s your vision for the space?
Since many residents of San Francisco live in small spaces, we're putting together a living/dining concept that reflects the open floor plan reality that so many people struggle to make sense of. 

Who are your ACC show artist picks and why are you featuring those particular objects?

  • Kevin Costello's studio is in Stillwater, Minnesota, a small town that I grew up visiting. It is meaningful to me to work with a Minnesota-based maker, since we have a shared cultural identity forged from our time spent thawing out from those frigid northern winters. His beautiful dining table has a modern sensibility infused with classic technique.
  • Ena Dubnoff's olive wood bowl elevates tabletop decor, and we couldn't pass it up. We felt a kinship with Ena, an architect by training, and connected on the basis of a passion for relating shape, space, form, and function.
  • Sara Thompson's metal bowls add the perfect amount of metal while retaining a uniqueness that makes you appreciate them as both an item of utility and beauty.
  • We worked with Joe Graci to create a series of custom-carved panels with a single pink thread running through each one. Joe was incredibly receptive to introducing a color that isn't normally in his palette, and we can't wait to show him how great pink looks on his pieces. 
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