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Make Room Designer Spotlight: Jamie and Morgan Molitor

American Craft Show in St. Paul

Make Room Designer Spotlight: Jamie and Morgan Molitor

American Craft Show in St. Paul
Morgan and Jamie Molitor

Jamie and Morgan Molitor

Courtesy of the designers

What is your company name?

What's your favorite design tip?
The colors of your home can be a reflection of your personality and affect your daily mood. We love using green, as it’s a calming and relaxing color. Our favorite way to bring this color into a home is by the use of real greenery; it looks best complemented with other natural elements such as wood or stone. When choosing colors and designs for your home, always remember that colors and trends will come and go, so create a space that makes you happy, and your life will launch off of that.

What color did you choose and why?
We chose the color green, since it is a calming and relaxing color. And decorators can make a fun statement when using green as a splash of color within any space.

What’s your vision for the space?
Bathrooms are the perfect sanctuary for relaxation. A large soaking tub, double-headed and jetted showers, and stone floor tiles are just a few ways to create a spa-like feel. We’re designing a bathroom space and incorporating green wallpaper, live greenery for decor, a natural wooden vanity, handcrafted tile selections, and more to show visitors how to incorporate green and create a relaxing sanctuary in their own homes.

Who are your ACC show artist picks, and why are you featuring those particular objects?
There is no better way to complete your bathroom space than with natural materials. It creates your place of sanctuary. Wood can be left raw, stained, or painted. We love the look of a neutral wood-looking vanity for a bathroom space. We always try to incorporate other wood elements into the space, such as ceiling beams, hardwood flooring, wood plank walls, or furniture. Feng shui is another great way to bring the natural elements into your space, and feng shui is best done in a subtle way through the use of simple decor pieces. We'll be using these pieces as toothbrush, soap, plant, and towel holders.

Clockwise from top left: Kerry BrooksChristina OsheimMatthew Nafranowicz, and Patrick Plautz


Jamie and Morgan's artist picks