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Make Room 2015: San Francisco ACC Show

July 31 - August 2, 2015

Make Room 2015: San Francisco ACC Show

July 31 - August 2, 2015
Make Room ACC San Francisco 2015

Get a sneak preview of the room vignettes at the 2015 ACC San Francisco show.

Kimball Starr, Allied ASID
Design firm: Kimball Starr Interior Design
Inspirations: Victor DiNovi, Mark L. Hendrickson, and Clark Renfort
Design style: I draw inspiration from colors, textures, and forms found in nature, as well as from gritty urban landscapes. I combine these elements to create exciting urban spaces while maintaining a touchstone to nature, for custom-crafted interiors that fit each homeowner’s lifestyle and sensibility.
Vision: From the destruction that fire wreaks comes renewal and rebirth in nature. This room is a conceptual design of an outdoor “room” in a lava field that illustrates how that transformation can bring forth beauty. I chose these organically shaped pieces so they appear as if they’ve grown up out of the lava bed, like beacons of beauty that rise up after fire.

Anastasia Faiella, Associate ASID
Design firm: faiella design
Inspirations: Peggy Loudon, Carol Tao, and Ealish Wilson
Design style: I strive to create rich, layered rooms that are sophisticated, whimsical, and fresh but also comfortable. With my background as a painter and fine artist, I approach each project as a blank canvas, a place to create something new, inspiring, and beautiful.
Vision: When I think of water, the beach comes to mind – waves, blue sky, and sand in my toes. I envision a calm, serene environment. I wanted the room to also be fun and whimsical. When I look at Peggy Loudon’s white bottles, I see minimal, sophisticated lines that are also organic curves that can be juxtaposed with waves in the ocean. Ealish Wilson’s piece is the perfect addition to drape over the roof as a seaside canopy. The delicate creature that is Carol Tao’s paper fish is a splash into the beautiful blue sea.

Gustave Carlson
Design firm: Gustave Carlson Design
Inspirations: James Aarons and Juline Beier
Design style: My work is carefully tailored to its specific environment. I like to walk the room, or the landscape, and use borrowed views and vistas to create a connection between my work and its surroundings. The dynamic between indoor and outdoor spaces, quality of light, and furniture placement are important themes in the architecture and interiors that I create.
Vision: I selected the element air, as it represents to me the very idea of foundation – the breath of life. This room is designed as a flexible space, with a desk and a daybed placed in a corner of the room. I see the selected artist’s work pinned on the wall above the desk for design inspiration. I like to mix and match found objects and sustainable materials in projects.

Jeni Gamble, NCIDQ
Design firm: gamble + Design
Inspirations: Roger Combs and Christine Hausserman
Design style: Our style is to unify a room by combining elements that balance nature’s beauty with clean design to create an environment that is beautiful and functional for the inhabitants. We love to draw on inspiration from our clients, as well as the location and architecture of the home.
Vision: Our vision was to create an entry room inspired by Roger Combs’ use of wood in his stools and Christine Hausserman’s use of color in her painting. We chose Earth because our primary material – wood – represents trees, which are all around us in nature. The color green is a strong component of our design because it is directly correlated to Earth and adds a punch of glamour.

Special thanks to our Make Room sponsors: ASID California North chapterColorhouse, California Home + Design, and Handful of Salt.