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Cover of the Winter 2022 issue of American Craft

Winter 2022

The stories in this issue highlight how wonder plays a role in the way humans design, create, and experience craft.

Cover the of the Fall 2021 Kinship issue of America Craft magazine

Fall 2021

The 80th anniversary issue of American Craft focuses on relationships—from an artist’s deep connection to materials to the networks of people within the larger craft ecosystem.
American Craft Summer 2021 cover

Summer 2021

For this issue, we looked to the craft community to find stories about many ways of flourishing.
American Craft Spring 2021 Issue Cover

Spring 2021

Craft can console us and offer us a more grounded way forward. We offer this issue as a balm, as nourishment in difficult times.

Cover the Legacy issue of American Craft

October/November 2020

In this issue, we share stories of craft legacies that will help us all to better comprehend how people, movements, and events today fit within the longer timeline of humanity.
Cover of the Beauty issue of American Craft

August/September 2020

We all need beauty, especially in times of challenge and grief. It inspires us to continue on.

Cover of the June July 2020 Kitchen Table issue of American Craft

June/July 2020

This issue highlights the shared handwork in cooking and craft, looking at ingredients as materials and the kitchen table as a site for making, gathering, sharing, and learning.
Cover of the April/May Issue of American Craft

April/May 2020

Craft and Design are often considered separate disciplines, but those definitions are blurring. Both provide different yet equally vital sets of tools for solving problems.
February/March 2020 American Craft cover

February/March 2020

This issue attempts to expand and complicate popular narratives about “the home” and craft’s role in creating one.

December/January 2020 American Craft cover

December/January 2020

In this issue, American Craft showcases both reflections on the year coming to a close and opportunities offered by the new one.
October/November 2019 cover

October/November 2019

Every two years, the American Craft Council recognizes the next generation of craft talent and scholarship with our Emerging Voices Awards.