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October/November 2012

October/November 2012

American Craft Oct/Nov 2012 cover

Feature Articles

Future Tense: 40 Under 40

The Renwick showcases artists whose formative years were shaped by 21st-century fears – but whose work conveys hope and resolve.

Masters: Nancy M. McNeil

Nancy M. McNeil’s impact on the field of craft is easily charted...

Masters: Sidney D. Rosoff

For almost 60 years, Rosoff has served the American Craft Council – and through it, the field at large.

Masters: Sherri Smith

What’s evident in Sherri Smith’s recent weavings is a lifelong love of the sciences.

Masters: Tom Loeser

The inventive woodworker's work can be found in nearly every major U.S. craft institution.

Masters: Andrea Gill

Andrea Gill can recall – vividly – handling clay for the first time, at age 4.

Masters: Dante Marioni

The 48-year-old glassblower on how lucky he’s been.

Masters: Bruce Pepich

Much of Racine Art Museum’s success can be attributed to Pepich’s zeal.

Masters: Sharon Church

The jeweler believes craft has within it the key to valuing a human life.

Masters: Lewis Knauss

The act of making has always been very important to Lewis Knauss.

Masters: Anne Currier

Anne Currier's start in ceramics was accidental...

Masters: Stephen De Staebler

De Staebler resurrected and reinvigorated the human figure as a subject.


The 2012 American Craft Council award winners...

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