October/November 2009

October/November 2009

Featured Articles

Richard Sennett on Making

The eminent sociologist asserts that the slow tempo of craftwork, of taking the time you need to do something well, is profoundly stabilizing to individuals.


Aileen Osborn Webb Awards 2008

The American Craft Council once again honors artistry, leadership and service in the craft field. Eleven individuals are singled out for their outstanding, and often groundbreaking, contributions.

In This Issue


Berlin: After the Fall

Since the fall of the wall and reunification, Berlin has become a magnet for craftspeople of every stripe, drawn by affordable live/work spaces and a progressive spirit. Jeweler Martina Windels accounts for the attraction.


Bonds of Glass

Home sweet durable home is a fragile place in Susan Taylor Glasgow's latest series.


Dirt on Delight

Robin Rice digs into a striking show at University of Pennsylvania's Institute of Contemporary Art.


Earthy Perfection

AMOCA highlights 60 years of pottery and sculpture by California legend Harrison McIntosh.


Events Supporting Craft

American Craft Council Conference:
Creating a New Craft Culture
October 15–17, 2009
Minneapolis, Minnesota


Memory Keeper

From carved crayons to recycled dishes, Diem Chau offers tales of innocence, nostalgia and experience.


News from Everywhere

Events, gifts and grants, honors, transitions and memorials--all from the world of craft.


O Canada!

Twenty Canadian artists bring a distinctive flavor to textiles worldwide.


Solos Glass

The owners of a Richmond, Virginia-based studio create witty objects from vintage pressed glass.


The Ceramic Self

A 1980 article in American Craft profiled ceramic sculptor Patti Warashina.