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June/July 2016

June/July 2016

June/July 2016 American Craft magazine cover

Feature Articles

Ruin and Redemption

With stitching, rolling, and folding, Nava Lubelski transforms imperfect and unwanted materials into meaningful memorable pieces.

The Storyteller

Binh Pho's many mediums – and many collaborators – are all instrumental to the narrative.

True Colors

In their creative partnership, Steve Ford and David Forlano have given each other space to grow – and their jewelry the freedom to evolve.

The Illuminator

James Carpenter marries his expertise in glass with the talents of architects, engineers, and builders to create radiant structures.

More from This Issue

Alicia Dietz and Black Hawk Helicopter

Alicia Dietz

Woodworker Alicia Dietz draws on her military service...

Craft for a Modern World: The Renwick Gallery Collection

Dig In

Reviews of Craft for a Modern World, Slow Stitch, and American Studio Ceramics...

MoCC Touching Warms The Art Show


Leading a craft museum is challenging, the recent closure of the Museum of Contemporary Craft suggests.

Christopher Kurtz, (A)Typical Windsor Form


Doubles may be defined by their common traits, but they’re distinguished by their departures.
Erin M Riley Three Strikes

Looming Change

Car crashes, semi-nude selfies: Erin M. Riley reinterprets these voyeuristic visions on the loom.

Lisa and Scott Cylinder Three Musicians


With their piles of instrument parts, Lisa and Scott Cylinder are taking the components of one art form – music – and creating another.
Siemon and Salazar Eight-Light Scuro Antler Chandelier

Siemon and Salazar

Glass artists Caleb Siemon and Carmen Salazar reflect on their balanced business strategy.

Tommie Rush And Richard Jolley

Sweet Fusion

A pair of glass artists meld nostalgia and modernism in their comfy Tennessee sanctuary.