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June/July 2014

June/July 2014

June-July 2014 American Craft Magazine

Feature Articles

A Fire Within

Early hardship fueled Marvin Blackmore's determination to make a living with his intricate ceramics.

Divining Her Mediums

Combining cast glass with raku clay, Christina Bothwell works on her own frequency, one with distinct spiritual overtones.

Elements of Surprise

Fifteen fresh pieces by furniture innovators from coast to coast.

More from This Issue

Douglas Brooks Replica Ashitenma

Cultural Conduit

Douglas Brooks talks about documenting vanishing skills and the draw of "practical craftsmanship."

Beth Carney Chasms 9: Surfacing

Finding Her Rhythm

Beth Carney's approach to textiles was enriched by her work as a choreographer.

Sarah Lucas Assemblage

Hot Glue & Staples

Craftsmanship often doesn't seem to matter in the contemporary art world. It should.

Speaking of Furniture Wendell Castle spread

Inspired to Make

A peek inside Speaking of Furniture, Spark the Creative Flame, and Art & Textiles.

David Stephens Peeled Turf

The Right Touch

David Stephens has re-emerged as a maker of intriguing, tactile wooden assemblages.