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June/July 2013

June/July 2013

Feature Articles

American Made

Kyle and Kelly Phelps find a powerful voice close to home.

Souvenirs of a Journey

After a career in business, Sonia King comes into her own as a mosaic artist.

Wandering Eyes

"I wouldn't say I travel to make art," says felt artist Lisa Klakulak. "I make art because I travel."

In Tune

Wood sculptor Michael Bauermeister listens to the land.

More from This Issue

Washington Glass School, Library of Congress Doors

Capital Improvements

The Washington Glass School got the opportunity to reinterpret the historic Library of Congress doors in glass.
Leah Evans, Set River: Lost Boat


A Wisconsin artist's quilt traces the changing land.
Jack Lenor Larsen in India


Jack Lenor Larsen has translated travel into textile innovation.
Ariele Alasko, Large Table

Past Perfect

Ariele Alasko uses waste wood from old Brooklyn buildings in her geometric works.
Tova Lund, Accumulated Time

The Natural

Tova Lund's jewelry is both monumental and intricately detailed.