June/July 2010

June/July 2010

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Drawn From Clay

Using their native soil, Dutch designers Lonny van Ryswyck and Nadine Sterk of Atelier NL create tableware from clay extracted from the earth where local foods are grown. Deborah Bishop traces their quest, culminating in ceramics that look both modern and plucked from a 17th-century still life.

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Dominic Di Mare: Houses for the Sacred

In the October/November 1982 American Craft, Betty Park profiled the singular Bay Area artist Dominic Di Mare, whose mixed-media sculptures drew on deeply felt experiences. Christine Kaminsky notes the varied artistic directions Di Mare has pursued in subsequent decades.


Following the Threads

A review of Elissa Auther's String Felt Thread: The Hierarchy of Art and Craft in American Art.


Gathering Place

The anti-stuffy Mariposa Gallery has showcased fine craft by southwestern makers since 1974.


Talking Heads

Craftsmen Keith Lovik is a master of a time-honored area of puppetry - the ventriloquist dummy.


The Body Upholstered

Stephanie Liner uses fabrics and upholstery techniques 
to create works that are part sculpture, part performance. Shannon Sharpe decodes
their startling messages about what it means to be female 
in today's society.


Whit McLeod

Made from old winery barrels, the Northern California furniture maker's chairs are a fresh take on Arts and Crafts style.