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February/March 2019

February/March 2019

The Ceramics Issue

February/March 2019 American Craft cover


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This issue is all about ceramics. Learn about 15 artists who tell stories in clay, the intellectual property debate and what artists owe the community, how the Clay Studio connected with its community, the rich history of fine craft in Florence, Italy, and more.

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Feature Articles

What Lies Beneath

Jessica Calderwood’s enameled work invites viewers to dive deeper.

Clay Tells All

In narrative works, 15 ceramists grapple with issues that have been with us forever – and those unique to the 21st century.

Who Owns an Idea?

When furniture maker Greg Klassen trademarked the name River Table, he touched off a heated debate about intellectual property and what artists owe the community.

More from This Issue

Brunelleschi Duomo

Art on the Arno

The rich history of fine craft in Florence is inspiring a new generation of artists and patrons.
Sarah Koik, Why Not Two

Clay Dreams

Pitchers that pour against all odds, animal totems, and other visions demonstrate clay’s potential.
Roberto Lugo helps kids with pottery

Connect, Then Curate

When the Clay Studio planned a move to a new part of Philadelphia, the staff thought to ask – rather than tell – their new neighbors what they wanted. Curator Jennifer Zwilling shares her experience.
Corey Pemberton, Pistachio Ukhamba, 1


With singular passion and openness to influence, Corey Pemberton produces glass work all his own.
Forrest Lesch-Middelton tiles

FLM Ceramics

The secret behind the intricate patterns on FLM Ceramics’ wares.
Christina Erives working pottery

Get Your Hands Dirty

Getting your hands on any material – wood, paper, yarn, bread dough – organizes your attention and builds physical skills.
Nicki Green portrait

Nicki Green

Nicki Green on why the mikveh is perfect for exploring the intersection of her trans, queer, and Jewish identities.
Rebecca Sive Chicago apartment

Power Broker

Author-activist Rebecca Sive advocates for women ceramists by collecting their art.
Salvador Jiménez-Flores, Nopales Híbridos: An Imaginary World of a Rascuache-Futurism

Stubborn Blooms

Salvador Jiménez-Flores’ Nopales Híbridos: An Imaginary World of a Rascuache-Futurism.
Biba Schutz, Full Pooling

Where It Takes Her

For Biba Schutz, jewelry-making is an enchanting and ever-changing exploration.
Ellen Winner How Art Works book 1

Your Brain on Art

A new book by Ellen Winner argues that art can’t be defined – but it can be better understood by studying the psychological effects it has on viewers.