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February/March 2016

February/March 2016

February/March 2016 American Craft magazine

Feature Articles

Social Fabric

Karen Hampton weaves stories from the past – her own and her ancestors’ – into her multifaceted textiles.

Free Form

Christian Burchard approaches wood as he does life – with wild curiosity.

Clear Cut

Ethan Stern draws from the past, creating glass sculpture that's uniquely present.

New Heights

A break from pottery took Maren Kloppmann's work in a fresh direction.

More from This Issue

Lisa Bayne

Artful Home

Online retailer Artful Home knows a thing or two about reinvention.

Josh Green Illustration

Ceramic Heart

NCECA turns 50 this year and expects more than 5,000 people to descend upon Kansas City, Missouri, for its conference.

Smoky Mountains

Come As You Are

Packed with artists, the casual Smoky Mountain city is a mecca for craft connoisseurs.

Ayn Hanna City Lines

Drawing Plans

For Ayn Hanna, balancing a corporate career with art was all part of the plan.
Carolina Fontoura Alzaga Connect 13 Chandelier


Carolina Fontoura Alzaga turns bicycle chains into stunning chandeliers.

Rosanne Somerson Portrait

Many Voices

Renowned furniture maker Rosanne Somerson showcases the work of RISD in the school's President's House – her new home.

Esque Studio Degrade Pitchers

Mixed Materials

Goods to get from Esque Studio, Golden Pony Workshop, Amira Marion, Leslie Webb, and Graypants.

Richard Peterson 1-800-Leave The-USA

Richard Peterson

Richard Peterson’s ceramics tell stories about contemporary American life – ones we don’t always hear.

Ayn Hanna Visual Coach

Step by Step

If you’re a regular reader and you just picked up this magazine, you probably noticed a different logo on our cover.