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February/March 2015

February/March 2015

American Craft magazine February/March 2015 issue cover

Feature Articles

The Call of the Wheel

The first time he sat down to throw a pot, Cliff Lee knew he was right where he belonged.

Material Girl

Over the course of her career, Julia Turner has moved fluidly among mediums, while expressing a singular vision. 

Visual, Tactile, and Intuitive

Matt Shlian’s folded paper creations are an artful take on geometry.

Art Restoration

Therman Statom takes his creative process into the world, donating his time and talents to cultivate others’ well-being.

More from This Issue

Nicki Marx #20/14B

Aloft Again

Nicki Marx’s feather works enjoy another day in the sun.

Lori Baum and Aaron Henkelman Addiction Sign

House of Tales

For Aaron Henkelman and Lori Baum, a collection isn’t complete without the stories and memories that go along with it.

Alain de Botton and John Armstrong Art As Therapy Book

Look Again

Art can be a tool, Alain de Botton argues, to help us with the challenges of everyday life. 

Marine Ehren Tool Ceramic Cups

Marks of Devotion

Reviews of Craft in America's "Service" episode, The Creativity Cure, and Fiber: Sulpture 1960 - Present.

Corning Museum of Glass North Wing

Natural Progression

The Corning Museum of Glass’ North Wing expansion sheds new light on the collection.

Kristin Diener, Talismen To The Center Of The Earth


Kristin Diener's Talisman to the Center of the Earth.