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February/March 2013

February/March 2013

February/March 2013 American Craft magazine

Feature Articles

Structurally Sound

Faced with a tough post-college job outlook, Asher Dunn made his own space – and a name for himself.

Medium Man

Jun Kaneko’s creative spark can’t be contained.

Drawn to Fire

Blacksmith Shawn Lovell puts soul into steel.

Home as Lens

Photographer Leslie Williamson creates intimate portraits of artists through their living spaces.

More from This Issue

Toots Zynsky, Untitled, from the Tierra del Fuego series

Curiosity Is Key

Glass artist Toots Zynsky reflects on a lifetime of exceptional creative expression.
Heidi Smith and Rebekah Cook Portrait

How We Live

Forage Modern Workshop aims not just to sell goods for the home, but to get customers to think about them.
Barton Lidicé Beneš, Prayer Rug I

Money Changers

Barton Lidicé Beneš' transformed currency is among the work in "Love Me Tender."

Maura Grace Ambrose - Block Quilt

Pieces of a Whole

Textiles, organic farming, and Americana come together in Folk Fibers quilts.
Ideas: The Science of Space Illustration

The Science of Spaces

An interview with Esther Sternberg, whose latest book discusses the power of interior design.
© Pep Montserrat

What Do Museums Want?

What are museums looking for when it comes to acquiring craft collections — if they are looking at all?
Audrey Rosulek, Teapot and Saucer


Audrey Rosulek's career in ceramics has been taking off at top speed.