February/March 2011

February/March 2011

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And Then There Was Glass...

Since 1971, Pilchuck Glass School has been a hotbed of innovation. To mark its 40th year, we connect with 12 artists whom the storied school has touched, plus co-founder Dale Chihuly.


CraftedSystems: Hope in the Making

Portland, Oregon-based designer Aurelie Tu hires women from a local YWCA shelter to help her assemble the stylish felt lampshades, rugs, and vessels she sells.


Restoration Values

At Red River Restorations in Austin, Texas, John Hindman and his team of woodworkers are reviving century-old craftsmanship. Julie K. Hanus talks to Hindman about his company's time-tested values.


Defined by Daring

In a career spanning four decades, Joan Schulze has been a fearless explorer, employing all manner of techniques and materials in her signature quilts, collages, and other works.

In This Issue


Buckle Up

Blacksmith Erica Gordon creates chic buckles and lustrous dyed-leather belts.


Hand-Ear Coordination

We're accustomed to the idea of craft as expression, but could we also consider it a form of listening?


Member News

Listening sessions, convening at Penland, and the 2011 show season.


Object Lessons

Few have lived life as happily steeped in materials and handwork as James Bassler.